Alternative names: Islands, Islandworld

Islands game is free and requires no download, so to play the game online Islands you need only a browser and Internet.

To begin playing the game online Islands you need to register. Join in the game is very simple Islands and consists of such items

1. Enter the .

2. Point [ _17_] E-mail .

3. Choose a security question.

4. Enter the answer to the question.

5. Indicate floor.

Once you point all the data registration Islands will be performed.

Islands game has four types of characters:

·                   Lebardist;

·                   Nozhevik;

·                   Swordsman;

·                   Universal.

Halberdier - tall and muscular athlete who commands respect for his strength, his powerful punches easily crushes any protection. This is a terrific choice for those who are not put off by fair and open fight, and whose rules do not retreat in the face of danger, contrasting it always fortitude and body.

Nozhevik prefers light and unobtrusive weapons, it is swift warrior. He will have no difficulty to avoid strong and crushing blows, and in response to the strike nozhevik demonstrate dexterity and knowledge of the most vulnerable points of the enemy, hit him a series of deadly attacks.

For his sword fencer same part of the body, like leg or arm. Is a master swordsman smart fight he always waits for the moment when the enemy is open to attack, to a momentary stop attack on his attempts to beat the swordsman. From its very hard to dodge attacks, and the protection of the blade does not allow him to get close enough to apply the critical strike.

Universal - is a fighter who never took lessons elegant possession blade aristocrats. His style - tough school yards and streets of the port city, giving invaluable lessons to anyone who could still survive in the concrete jungle. Touring is not as strong, not as nimble as an assassin with a dagger, not as spotless as the nobles who from childhood not to part with their swords. However, it can be much more dangerous than any of them, combining the fighting skills of each.

Islands online game will start with the small village of Arroyo on an island mislaid.

Island online game is the most important component - the development of your character. To survive in the ocean full of dangers, real corsair primarily to be strong, smart and lucky man.

Islands Online game is very exciting. You expect exciting adventures on land and at sea .

Your character will be five major characteristics:

·                   Agility;

·                   Strength;

·                   Endurance;

·                   Luck;

·                   Health.

You'll be able to increase them by distributing experience points that will be given to you when the level of your pirate university. From basic data characteristics depend weapons and armor that can use your character, and what was his skill in battle will be triggered most often.

Artful fighter hit more accurately and attack opponents more often through the air around him, rather than hit the target.

Physical strength of your fighter will affect the damage caused by machetes and likelihood of impact Meek - an attack so powerful that if it and block, the opponent would not be able to keep his balance, and the more you apply retaliatory attack.

Stamina determines the capacity of your character, strength constructed blocks, and the force with which a character gets rid of fatigue.

Luck protect you from enemy critical hits and misses from particularly vulnerable to enemies, and increases the chance of retaliatory attack right on target after a successful block. Fortune also useful to you if you suddenly risknesh challenge followers of Voodoo.

Health determines the number of lives the character - reduced from successful enemy attack means death in battle, when it reaches zero.

Play Islands you can such arms as

·                   Halberd;

·                   Knife;

·                   Sword.

Islands in play very interesting, here waiting for you colorful locations, a large assortment of weapons, battle pirates and treasure hunt. Sign up and play - you will not regret!

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