Jagged Alliance

Alternative names: Jagged Alliance

Game Jagged Alliance Online - browser-based multiplayer role-based strategy. Created by Gamigo tremendous action pleases users such features as realistic 3D graphics, a huge selection of wage units, the ability to create his own company, a great arsenal of weapons, colorful battle with real players, eliminating obstacles created by artificial intelligence. Jagged Alliance Online is a worthy continuation of previous projects. After all, it has retained features games of similar subjects and acquired additional advantages that distinguish it from other virtual fun. Requires players to properly fulfill its mission to pump mercenaries belonging to the army takes care of weapons and develop tactics. Challenge formidable enemies and show that you can be the best of the best!

List of system requirements is not deterred her insane. Gameplay is quite suitable for the following PC configuration: OS Windows XP ( SP 2) / Vista / 7, Core 2 Duo 1. 8 GHz, 512 MB of video ( Geforce 8800 / ATI 2600); DirectX 9. 0s, RAM 2 GB, 3 GB hard drive. If all these parameters are normal, Jagged Alliance Online registration will give access to one of the Internet's most entertaining shooters. Creating an account - the process is fairly quick. Join in the game Jagged Alliance Online provides for the introduction of the game name, email address, password, and acceptance of the User Agreement. After that, you can safely step into the world of brutal war and create his own company.

At the start you will have to decide to which class belongs to the protagonist. Of the five existing classes (Sentinel, Command soldiers, sniper, shooter, soldiers) You may choose any vending. Then you have to dial the service of mercenaries. Charged units in the game for more than 60 species. You must learn to choose the most suitable, so that the unit was formed of men who are able to perform different functions. Play Jagged Alliance Online You'll pumping mercenaries. Each of them to a greater or lesser extent vested parameters such as endurance, dexterity, perception, reflexes, precision. Make sure that their skills improved - and your chances of success will increase significantly!

It is worth mentioning that there is a special masking units. You simply must provide the necessary arms mercenaries. Problems with this will not arise. After the war in the course are hundreds of types and weapons, and armor.

Everyone who starts Jagged Alliance Online play to pass the mission implementation. Accustomed in this world, you will be able to perform more complex tasks. The game has many different combat missions! The main thing is not lazy! As for the PvP system, it consists mainly of the following types of battles:

- Deathmatch, where the winner is the one who remains in the game at least one mercenary;

- Hunter rewards for the capture;

- Search & Destroy, which will deal with the destruction of the enemy's goals, while defending your own objects.

Each victory - is in itself a very sweet feeling. But besides that, you will receive material compensation. No one has yet refused honorary points or bonus in the form of fuel.

The main feature of the game is the ability to be compared against other players. Worthy opponents you will automatically find the system Matchmaking. The higher your reputation, the stronger will be the enemy.

By the way, to play the game Jagged Alliance Online will be easier if you purchase gold bullion. Initially issued small free gold, but then it will have to buy. However, this offer is at your discretion.

Dear fans a thrill, believe me, you will not be disappointed! This game is really great way to raise adrenaline! Suppose that in the difficult realities of war is always accompanied by good luck to you!

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