Jail Wars

Alternative names: Jail Wars

Game Jail Wars - free browser MMORPG criminal subjects. If you are tired of being a model citizen who never breaks the letter of the law, it's time to plunge into the virtual universe and become a notorious swindler. Beginning Jail Wars play, you will find yourself surrounded by aggressive and dangerous criminals. Together you will be able to survive a riot in the prison, not leaning administration that will do its utmost in order to pacify the bandits. Leaving behind all the difficulties and hardships, you will move higher and higher as the representative of the extraordinary career criminals. Soon you will be famous in the circles of their own kind, to earn credibility and will feel quite comfortable in this role. Experience the thrilling feeling of success, raise the level of adrenaline in the blood, seeding at leisure for an exciting game!

Join the criminal community can be anyone. System requirements for the game forgiving. Also download You do not have to. Simply create an account. Jail Wars registration is as follows: enter your email address, which will serve as the username, password is thought out, rewritten code from the image and click "Create Account." Be prepared for the fact that you are accepting rules of registration and project agreement. Next, you will create a character. You should be determined between the four existing syndicates: Cosa Nostra, brothers, brothers and black combat Guard. Each syndicate has its own separate unit. After making your selection, note the name of your character, select the desired floor, and then create the appearance to your taste (face, hair).

Throughout the game Jail Wars online have to develop your character. You'll move confidently through the levels until you reach the highest - 30th. With each subsequent conquest level you accrue three points and one point parameters skills. This means that the more - the stronger becomes your hero. Only after the 15th level, you become a full member of the syndicate, and get a lot of advantages. For example, access to a shared courtyard to syndicate tattoos to EVENT "Revolt in prison" and more.

Of course, each of the syndicates its own characteristics, but there are skills that are available to any members of the syndicate. Share common skills for active and passive. A three branches of general skills give the opportunity to choose their own development path. Skills include branches fighter with a strong hand, feeling that through shock, battle rage, open wounds, job series, and executioner frenzy. This branch is intended to cause maximum damage. If you want to have high defensive characteristics, choose the branch of the bodyguard, which includes the following skills: a difficult target, initiator, disorientation, survivor, stone wall, a strong body, a last effort, the tipping point. Well talents branch called accomplice aimed at efficient use of ancillary items. With the development of this branch will be accessible to such skills as first aid, talkativeness, weak spot, inoffensive, thrift, medic, precise calculation, sneaky trick. As you study skills during gameplay you will open more and more. Incidentally, you can improve as one of the trends and learn from all the most necessary.

One of the cool chip, which boasts game Prison PANDORA - tattoos. It is their presence distinguishes bandits from the authorities. Hence, you will always know their own kind. By the way, when you decide to embellish your body one of the symbolic ornaments to choose from what will. More than 1,000 types of tattoos offered to your attention!

Also play holding Jail Wars , you can use a huge arsenal of weapons. Since you have to fight all sorts of either the coach or other players and the ongoing war between the syndicates themselves, you can not do without decent weapons. Gather brass knuckles, knives, sharpening, clubs, chains and other goodness. Exist in the game and dopes. These include first aid kits, boosts and buffs.


It is worth mentioning about the opportunity to create within the syndicate gang. Smart players unite to play the game online Jail Wars, using its full potential. Remember that you can take in the grouping often can not afford to single stubborn. Although, in principle, no you or not binding. Play Me in a fun, Vex health with opposing syndicates, create more and more riots in the freedom to select, and infinitely hated cell irritate watchful prison administration. Let all your hopes come true!

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