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Alternative names: Karos, Karos, Karos: Start Karos: Start, Karos Online, Karos online

Before proceeding to describe the process of registration, I want to say the following: online game Karos: Start connected to a single system of registration GameXP passport. And if you have already registered in any of the projects GameXP passport, then re-register do not need! Enough to enter the game already existing username and password.

And now for those of you who need Karos Online Registration: by clicking on the "Register" button on the main page, open page, where you will be prompted to enter in the registration fields on login (e-mail) and password . If there is a need to introduce additional registration data, this can be done on the same page. In additional fields will need to enter the name and give the answer to the secret question 2 - , these data will help to restore the account, in case you lose your login and / or password . Once all fields are filled in, click on the "Register" button, thereby accepting the agreement with the Rules of the game and go to the new page opened, download the "Game Client" with the HTTP server (free download), but there are certain system Requirements: should that be on the system drive was more than 1. 5 0 Gb of free and stable connection to the Internet. Once downloaded the game client will need in the folder where it was downloaded, run the file «set u p. Exe ». Well that's all for this Join in the game Karos: Start finished

Additional system requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 41. 4 GHz
  • Memory: 512 MB
  • Video Card: Geforce FX5700 128 MB
  • Sound Card: DirectX 9 compatible. 0c

After login the game, select the game server (Azmaria, Zerona or Balason) and the channel (this is an independent copy of the game server, which will be a game). Then you can move on to choose race and class. Choose a name for a character, pick up his image appearance, then you can begin to play the game Karos online.

Game Karos has four races:

  • People
  • Vanisiytsy
  • Seroiny
  • Shadow

Also in the game Karos present seven classes:

  • Swordsman
  • Paladin
  • Tramp
  • Enchantress
  • Archer
  • Sage
  • Gunner

In one account, you can create 4 characters.

All Classes are tied to a particular race

Swordsman and Paladin, tied to Race - People;

Tramp and Enchantress to Race - Shadows;

Archer and Sage to Race - Seroiny;

Gunner to Race - Vanisiytsy.

At level 10 each class, there are 2 profession, and 55 - 2 more.

Each class has no small number of CMV skills that will need to develop in the game.

Karos Online game has a large arsenal of weapons, armor, accessories and different things, and each species has its own classification.

Karos Online Features:

The game uses its own game currency - ctw

They can be obtained by performing game tasks. Just a number of carats drops when killing various mobs (monsters), of which there are many.

World Karos there are 5 types of tasks:

  • General
  • Chains
  • Daily
  • Duplicate
  • Educational

For each quest you made sure to get a certain amount of experience and carats.

In Karos online game there are seven gaming locations that the player has to be investigated.

Play the game online Karos: Starting possible, having at its disposal a pet that will help the game. Besides pets in the game Karos Start eating more different mounts - wolves, tigers, lions, dragons, wyverns, phoenixes and giant bears.

Game Karos online allows the player to engage in such crafts as

  • Resource extraction
  • Lottery
  • Kraft
  • Fishing

The game has a unique system "Flett" - magic power which has every living creature. The game's magic power can occur

  • In the form of fragments flettotsvetov
  • In the form of a concentrate Flett
  • In the form of points Flett, which can be earned by killing enemy
  • Flett in the form of crystals, which are obtained from two concentrates Flett
  • In the form of recipes Flett, for a variety of crafts

In general, Karos: Start will play quite interesting, since this game is global and there is still quite a lot of various features and functions: Guild Dungeons, Enchantment, multiple fights. Describe all ... in the synopsis is not possible, therefore, the best option would be - play Karos: Home.

Register Karos: Starting reveals all the secrets of this game!

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