King of avalon

Alternative names: Game King of Avalon, KoA, KVK
The King of Avalon Game - The Knights of the Round Table Narrated Anew

If you are a lover of the legend of King Arthur and his knights, then the online strategy game for Android King of Avalon is just for you. Here the story of Merlin, Morgana, Balthazar, King Arthur and other characters that meet on your way intertwined.

Everything starts with a blazing castle and a cavalryman who rushes to the castle gates with a report. Morgan troops besieged the city, you need to decide what to do next. As a true defender of the castle, you decide to stand to the end and defend the city with all its inhabitants. This stage is training for the game. Therefore, you are asked to build barracks and start hiring troops. In parallel with your actions, reinforcements arrive in the castle to help deal with the bulk of enemies. You must resist, because all your allies have already fallen. Your troops are about to clash in battle, but suddenly Merlin appears, causes a spell to break the battle in your favor. Morgan troops are driven back. This is where your story begins, the story of King Avalon.

King of Avalon on the computer is primarily a strategic game, most of the time you will have to deal with the construction and development of your castle. The castle is your stronghold, your stronghold of power. Develop it in a balanced way and you will be invincible. After the initial battle with Morgana, your subjects have preserved a dragon egg, which you can use in the future and grow your fire-breathing protector. But first things first.

First Chapter

First, we will start the restoration of the city. The fortress is the center of the castle and a bastion for you and your vassals. Raise the level of fortress to the second level. Then we are offered to build stables. They will allow to hire cavalry. We build them and order the training of the first horse detachment. While the riders are preparing, we will try to go beyond the castle and attack the monsters surrounding us. We will choose the simplest, first level for now and send our first squad into battle. These are the first steps that we take to receive our first award.

Second chapter

Now let's take care of our egg. We go to the dragon's cave and use the elixir that we were given for completing the first chapter. The egg seems to come to life, is filled with colors and seems to be about to burst. But for this you will need another elixir. Therefore, we return to the restoration of the city and the accumulation of power. To improve the strength to the 3rd level, you need to improve the wall to the 2nd. We set off for the wall for the construction of farms and sawmills. These are basic mining facilities for the supply and recruitment of troops. After that, we try to attack a monster of a higher level. Please note that for the destruction of the surrounding monsters, you will receive resources and artifacts, as well as pump your hero. This is important, because the higher the level of the monster, the greater the reward. We only need to build huts for archers and do their training. In addition, we are building tents behind the wall for our troops, they will be located there. More tents - more troops we can hire. In the meantime, the second chapter is over, and we can tackle our future dragon.

Third Chapter

The circle of the call will make it possible to call our first dragon, and the elixir received for completing the second chapter will help in this. We use it on our egg. It flames up and makes us understand that the dragon’s soul is alive and will be reborn. We use a ball of fire and voila on it, the dragon is reborn and is ready to serve you! We quickly come up with a name for him, now he will only respond to him. Morgana seemed to feel the awakening of power and immediately sent a small detachment of troops to attack. Get ready for the battle!

Quickly improve the fortress, wall, build a university, learn the skill of defense and raise the level of the dragon. Please note that with the increase of the level you get bonuses, both defensive and attacking. They act on your soldiers. As soon as you do this, the dragon soars into the air and destroys the troops of Moragna with one fiery breath.

Everything, your training is completed, and you can do royal affairs, perform the following chapters yourself and fight for glory and honor!

Buildings in your city that will need to be built and gradually developed:

  • haracks
  • stables
  • shooting range
  • siege workshop
  • Embassy
  • blacksmith
  • University
  • dragon's cave
  • protective wall

Download King of Avalon - click on the button to play King of Avalon, we will be redirected to the site where we download the BlueStacks android emulator. With it, we install King of Avalon and enjoy the game.

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