King Of Defense: Merge TD

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King Of Defense: Merge TD - is a tower defense game with some special features. The graphics are beautiful in cartoon style. All the characters are very realistically voiced, the music is not intrusive, well-chosen. In the game, you have to lead the defense against hordes of monsters by building and improving defensive positions.

There is not too complex a plot, which is normal for games of this genre.

Each new level you will start with a small amount of money allowing you to build several defensive structures. Further, for killing each of the attackers you get a small amount of coins, this will allow you to build new towers for defense or improve existing ones.

Defense structures are divided into several types:

  • The tower with archers deals low physical damage, can hit both flying and ground targets, its positive aspects are rate of fire and low cost
  • Mage's tower deals magic damage, is not cheap, if necessary, can attack any targets, including flying ones, is most effective against units that are not susceptible to physical damage
  • Cannon turret deals huge area damage, the most expensive, does not shoot at flying enemies
  • The tower with warriors defenders contains a number of fighters who are able to join the battle to temporarily stop the advance of the enemy and cause serious damage to the attackers, they attack only ground targets

A feature of this game is the ability to build towers in several tiers, thus combining the strengths of different types of towers and increasing the density of defense.

In addition, one of the heroes will be under your leadership. Each of these powerful fighters has their own skills. Some of them engage in close combat, others attack from a distance. There are also those that give passive bonuses to defense.

In the beginning there will be only one hero, but over time you will unlock new characters. Before the battle, choose which of them to take with you, sometimes this decides the outcome of the battle.

During the defense, you have several special skills available to choose from before the battle. These skills have a cooldown time, but their use sometimes saves in a seemingly hopeless situation.

Heroes, towers and skills you can improve in between battles, spending on this currency earned by completing levels. In the case of skills and heroes, everything is clear, how much you pump them, they will be so strong at the very beginning of a new battle.

You can only build towers of the initial level, the acquired upgrades only make it possible to strengthen them to a certain extent during the game. But in the next level, they will need to be developed again, so by acquiring an improvement, you only open up the opportunity to apply it during battles, but you will need to spend resources on this each time anew.

You won't get bored playing King Of Defense: Merge TD, the game is regularly updated, and thematic contests are held in it for the holidays.

You can download

King Of Defense: Merge TD for free on Android if you follow the link on this page.

Start playing now if you like tower defense games you will love this game!

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