Kingdoms Reborn

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Kingdoms Reborn is a city-building card strategy game. In the game you will find quite good graphics. The developers tried to make the game realistic and they did it well.

Before playing Kingdoms Reborn, select the map size and other game options.

The game begins after a cataclysm that is shaking the entire planet. It was an abnormal cooling accompanied by epidemics. As a result of these incidents, civilization was on the verge of destruction. It is up to you to restore the lost greatness by starting all over again.

In order to succeed you need:

  • Build cities
  • Expand the borders of the state
  • Monitor population growth
  • Research new technologies
  • Correctly determine the path of development

These are just a few useful areas worth paying attention to.

When choosing a place to found a settlement, you should try to find a location where the necessary resources will be located close. At the beginning of the game, the availability of wood, coal and stone plays the most important role. In addition, it is good if there are a lot of fruit trees in the nearby forests and it is imperative that there are water bodies nearby.

Look also at the fertility of the soil. If everything you need is nearby, but the soil is not suitable for crops, it will be very difficult to provide food for the population only through hunting and fishing.

Once you decide on a location and create a small village, every two and a half minutes you will open a card that will have several options for buildings or the study of certain technologies. By making the right choice, you gradually develop the settlement. It is important to correctly assess what will be more necessary for your city at the current moment of the game. It is not worth building, for example, a forge, if you have not yet mastered the extraction of metals.

Periodically, you will receive tasks in the game. Do not rush headlong to fulfill them immediately. Sometimes it makes sense to wait and accumulate more resources.

Development occurs in stages. When all the necessary conditions are met, a new era begins and brings many new technologies. New industrial and residential buildings become available for construction.

Population in the game comes from increasing your territories if there are friendly settlements in the area. There is a small natural increase in population, plus over time you will build migration centers.

The game has multiplayer, on the map your city will not be alone if you play online. But in this case, it is better to choose a remote corner of the continent for the settlement, so that more developed neighbors do not prevent you from achieving success.

The seasons change here. Try to form a sufficient supply of coal or firewood so that the population can survive this period painlessly. It is necessary to create stocks of food for people and the household.

With the advent of spring, everything will return to its usual rhythm and it will become easier to develop your settlement further, but do not forget that there will be many more winters ahead.

Kingdoms Reborn download for free on PC, unfortunately, will not work. You can buy this game on the Steam platform or on the official website.

Civilization is on the brink of extinction and only your wise leadership can bring success to a small group of survivors. Install the game right now!

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