Kings Age

Alternative names: Age of Kings

In Kings Age board game is all fans of online strategies, and especially people who are crazy about the Middle Ages, knights and castles. Here you will become a king and be able to cross swords in feudal wars with other online players. Become a powerful and with your permission will be erected new and old towns emptied.

To play the game Kings Age online you must be passed simple registration in the game Kings Age. You only need:

1. Select your screen name.

2. Select new password known only to you.

3. Enter your email address.

4. Confirm your acceptance of terms and conditions and data protection.

5. Thereafter, in your e-mail will be sent an email from the game and clicking on the link of the letter you start playing the game online Kings Age.

When checking Kings Age is finished, you must choose the world (map) which will begin the development of your city. The main differences in the maps that have maps for both beginners and experienced players. Since you have not yet developed city and its experience in building better choose to play the Kings Age map for beginners. The other players on this map will fit your level.

Kings Age online game begins for you as a ruler with a small castle and surrounding several acres of land of your blood, where it is still a few cast your deal resource extraction. Now you determine whether these lands transformed into the magnificent capital of your kingdom.

Castle is the heart of your settlement. The higher the level lock you have, the faster the construction on your land. When your castle reaches level 15, you will be able to demolish buildings.

Online Game Kings Age makes a shred of realism in terms of what you can not endlessly accumulate resources. It is limited by the size of your warehouse. The more storage, the more resources you can save. If the warehouse is full, stop resource extraction.

In Kings Age online developing their buildings for resource extraction (sawmill, stone quarry, mine for ore mining, mill) You better growth of these resources to your warehouse.

Likewise in the course of development of the city you will be available to buildings such as:

Refuge. Here, your subjects will be able to hide from enemy attacks and save some resources.

Barracks. Here you make the recruitment of soldiers and sending them to war. The higher the level of the barracks, the stronger your soldiers.

City Wall. When you attack the enemy castle enhances combat capabilities of troops.

Version. Then you dial pack animals for caravans to strengthen trade ties.

Market. In the market you can buy different goods and send them caravans loaded. The larger the market, the more caravans.

Alchemist. Here goes the development of all kinds of unusual things, nevertheless, useful to your kingdom.

Memorial. This is a statue in the center of the settlement, which can be built only if you have all the buildings have reached their maximum level. Benefiting from a huge statue - it increases the security of your troops in the castle at 50%.

Game Kings Age Online provides you with flexible choices troops. Each unit has its own abilities and specialization.

If you are short of money and time to prepare quality army, you can resort to recruiting farmers. Alone, they are very weak, but because of their large number and an improvement in the protection of the castle, can save plight.

Spear's not very strong against other hiking groups, but good against mounted knights. Templars - foot soldiers with swords. Quite dangerous for other hiking groups. Archers are always as a supporting role. Also there is a berserk. Knightly cavalry units needed for fast and crushing blows.

For reconnaissance of enemy forces, you can hire the services of spies. For the assault locks in the game and provided a ram Catapult (trebushe).

Your fortress will be glorified for all online kingdom thanks to your successful campaigns and trade caravans reached the most remote parts of the world and will bring with them untold wealth. Your name will be mentioned with awe and respect. Kings Age check waiting for you!

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