King Stars

Alternative names: Masters of the Universe

Online Masters of the Universe - a free browser-based multiplayer role-playing game space, requires the use of strategy. This exciting fantasy world in which thousands of players simultaneously inhabit. Community militant virtual universe, but at the same time and friendly. You will certainly meet many interesting people who will not just be happy to communicate with you, but will eventually these loyal friends. Players who find a common language with each other, can make alliances. Thus, King Stars game becomes even more interesting. Scale battles taking place in the intergalactic space, will not leave anyone indifferent. Find your place in the cosmos, so that over time more and more to expand its influence. Planet, which you shall possess at the start, requires care and attention. After all, this is your home, where you can engage in construction, the creation of ships, troops training units. Develop your tactics and follow to the goal! Believe it - all of you will succeed!

Nice that for the passage of the gameplay does not necessarily have a computer with high system requirements. You can safely play in the King Stars, if you have an Internet connection, a standard browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera), and install Flash Player version 9. 0 or higher. To access it, requires registration in the game King Stars. This simple process is not time-consuming. Log on to the official website and fill out the form with these fields: name, e-mail, password, the name of the planet. Then Masters of the Universe registration enables you to specify a universe in which you want to be. Besides it is necessary to agree with the rules of the game. Now you can safely go to meet exciting adventure!

Do not worry about that in the beginning it will be difficult to deal with gameplay elements. At every step you waiting for clues, following which you can quickly learn. There is also a chance to get advice from an experienced player. In the future, reaching a certain level of development, will be able to hire experienced advisers who will not only guide you to progress, but also keep an eye on the construction and report on the state of the army. Length of service assistants depends on the amount paid for their services. But all of this later, but for now will have to use what they have. Begin development of a planet with the construction of the first storey buildings. Ground floor, among other things, built the fastest. Then all is not as fast. The higher the construction, the more time and effort it takes. Development, like everything else in the game world, pass quietly, without haste and bustle. There are, of course, ways to accelerate, but is it worth to drive horses? After the slow pace allows you to not lose sight of the necessary details, and have a good think about the action, so as not to make silly mistakes. You will always have time to develop a smart tactical moves.

To engage in construction, as well as create new spaceships, you need resources. Without them, even you can not organize an army. For whatever you took, required material investments. To do this, and there are metal, crystal, deuterium, solar and hydrogen energy. Metal and crystals - the most frequently used resources. Solar and hydrogen energy to breathe life into your enterprise planet. After much work is due to the energy. Deuterium and allows faster construction, and training of soldiers, and the development of ships. But to have to have a deuterium vlazhivat real. It is up to you, no obligation to buy it.

Controlling your character, you will perform a variety of quests. Tasks that were prepared Master of the Universe game, allow to accumulate experience and receive useful bonuses. You will have to monitor the amount of rating points. Who wants to graze the rear? Remember, the more effort you apply, the more influential become in the virtual universe. Stronger players easier to win battles and to select other planets, and if you still are as an alliance, then do all the cards in your hands! Play the game online Master of the Universe together with its allies much easier. After all, you always have the opportunity to get any support until the material. Furthermore, be sure that at the time your friends will not let the lack of enemies to destroy what you have created so tenderly.

Masters of the Universe to start playing right now - and you never will not regret it. Many pleasant experiences await users who dared to challenge the open space. Show what you can do! Validate here his right to rule! Good luck to you and steel shutter!

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