Alternative names: KlanZ

KlanZ Online - trading card strategy developed in a comic style. As planned by the developers of the game story - a story of one of the metropolis. Events are moving on the streets. Each newcomer player becomes leader of the team, which includes eight card fighters. To gain credibility in the gaming world have repeatedly engage in battle, think through their actions, to learn how to pick up the card. KlanZ play - so take part in the struggle for power in the city, tends to win numerous tournaments, shine in heated battles, surprising people with its beautiful collection of cards. During gameplay you'll always take care of replenishing deck . And I must say that these new cards will appear constantly, so that this process is going to be fun. To achieve great success, users are often combined into clans. If you can find good allies, can rise to stardom faster. Do not waste a minute, time spent with online KlanZ promises to be very interesting!

All you need to play - internet access, a modern browser and computer configuration average. System requirements are quite modest, one will idialno PC with the following parameters:

- Operating system Windows / 2000 / XP / Vista × 32 / Seven ;

- Processor Intel Pentium ΙΙΙ 800 Mc

- 64 MB video card;

- 256 MB of RAM.

Access to the project you will get after you pass the KlanZ registration. You pretty quickly create an account. Because it needs to fill in a few fields: username, email address and password. The default user agreement, so it would be better to pre-read the rules.

Thus, in order to successfully play KlanZ should deal with all its elements. Each player chooses a first avatar. You can take yourself male or female - it is as you like. For combat use cards that have certain characteristics, namely strength, damage ability, bonus level, uniqueness. Fall on the table four random cards. The fight itself will also consist of four rounds, unless someone does not win before. You, as a rival, will have a stock of life and energy. Energy affects the attack cards. On the amount remaining in the reserve life depends victory. So initially the players have 4 cards, 12 lives and 12 energy. And the more attack the more chance to inflict damage to the opponent.

Game Klanz offers users 5 formats. This Tournament Arpad (available at level 10, is held every day at the Stadium) Gildiynye War (lasts for the whole 5 weeks), Mini-tournaments (created by the players themselves), draft pick (small tournament, before which the players reveal boosters, and then dismantled card ) Siledy (out of 24 cards the player must choose 8).

There is still such an important time as events. They can win the card and pounds. KlanZ game brings to your attention game events called opposition, Valor, composure. Besides all this rich variety of gameplay tasks. For example, you can take on such tasks as daily, weekly, lotteries, titles, etc. etc. In addition, you will be able to visit the market and the store to buy everything you need.


Believe that joining the gaming community, you will forget all that is boredom. This card game is so spanning the occupation that you will again and again to return to it. LURES their talents quench their own ambitions, conquer the leadership and feel truly happy man!

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