Klondike: The Lost Expedition

Alternative names: Klondike game

Have you ever dreamed of finding a real gold mine? Then Klondike: The Lost Expedition will help you realize your dream! There are a lot of advantages here.

  • First, it is browser-based, so you can play it without installing any clients.
  • Secondly, it is made very qualitatively: good graphics, atmospheric music, thematic heroes.
  • Thirdly, the project has a plot, which is not inferior in scale to most client games.

It seems that this should be enough to make you want to start playing the game Klondike? Once you install the application, you will start losing several hours a day (so if you are in a session or have a deadline, we advise you to postpone getting acquainted with the game until better times).

Klondike game that is suitable for gambling people. During the gameplay, new tasks appear regularly, so you will constantly need to strive for something. Especially interesting are considered thematic tasks, which the project prepares for the holidays. Usually holiday tasks are temporary, so they must be done first, otherwise you will not be able to get an original and useful gift.

Surely you thought that in Klondike: The Lost Expedition gold is the basis of the plot. But, we hasten to disappoint you (or rejoice, you decide for yourself!): besides the fact that you will have to find the gold deposit, you (and this is the first of all) will have to find the traces of your father. According to the plot, the main character is a boy whose daddy went on an expedition to the North long ago. He regularly wrote letters to his wife and son, but one day the letters stopped coming. Everyone considers the main character's father dead, but the boy does not believe in his death. Now that the boy has grown up, he is ready to repeat the path of his dad and learn about all the secrets.

Klondike to play, where the quests for the protagonist begin from the place that was last described in the letters of the disappeared father. Here you and your ward are met by a cute northerner named Mute Shadow. He will be your guide and helper. Mute Shadow will give you his father's pickaxe and tell you where to look for the hidden inheritance. After getting the handover from his father, the hero will be able to start his journey. Communicating with the locals will replace the training mode. Mute Shadow will explain what you need to do, and pop-up hints will show you how. Since the search for gold is a lengthy process, you will have to settle down near the mine.

The game Klondike: The Lost Expedition will show you along the way how to take care of a small garden and pets, improve your character and increase levels. Each next level opens the gamer's way to new tasks and artifacts. The project is interactive, that is, you will be able to play together with your friends. Go to visit each other, help your neighbors - this can bring additional bonuses prizes, sometimes virtue even allows you to get the most expensive currency - stones.

Klondike: The Lost Expedition is the game for you if you like adventures covered in mystery!

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