Khan Wars

Alternative names: Khan Wars

Middle Ages, internecine wars, thousands of bloody corpses, their own castles and armies ... all this (and a bit more) offers online game Khan Wars. The overriding your task - gathering troops for the defense of their land, whose boundaries are expanded by conquest locks other players also keen on the comprehension of the game Khan Wars online.

An important "plus": you do not have installed on your computer, no applications. Since the game is a browser, all that is needed - is to go step Registration Princely War. After starting this fascinating world of battles.

Of course, you have to worry not only about the great victories on the battlefield, but also for their own welfare. Started playing Khan Wars, you will know that to create your own army must dig for gold, iron, and provisions for the barracks. And for its successful maintenance is desirable to learn to trade all mined resources in the market.

Khan Wars online game that provides a choice of 11 nations, each of which has its own bonuses and skills. But, in fact, the transfer of the "fronts", one of which you will have to give preference, focusing on the characteristics or, or visual appeal, or on their own intuition (in brackets are bonus skills, resources or troops): [ _1_]

* Arabs (provisions + infantry)

* Bulgarians (gold mining + arrows)

* Britons (gold + siege devices)

* Franks (production of wood + cavalry);

* Germans (iron mining, shipping + bonus)

* Byzantines (healing on the battlefield + arrows + mining tree)

* Vikings (iron + arrows)

* Lithuanians (have a unique warrior - generals, having improved health and greater than that of other, force)

* Mongols (Done walls + kidnapping of foreign resources caches)

* Rusyches (production + tree siege weapons)

* Japanese (infantry + + trade provisions).

Join in the game Khan Wars will also allow you to plunge into the historically well-coordinated process, wherein sufficient accuracy and relevance. All of the above exist in our nation - the real - world and also took part in the wars as defensive and attacking their contemporaries to podnabratsya military experience and become a worthy opponent respect.

Khan Wars online game in its principles in tactics a bit like Total War. In total there are 16 combat units, the arrangement and good governance which depends on a positive outcome of the battle. Each strategy is extremely important in the field of estimation location shooters, cavalry and infantry

Register Princely War also give you the opportunity to show in its entirety its strategic talents, placing troops in the most expedient for you to order. The process is tricky, because in order to successfully play the game Khan Wars online, you need to explore all the features and characteristics of existing troops here, in order to then properly consider all the details of the use of unique units. Leveling gameplay Khan Wars game that you prefer, can be carried out in the context of the thirteen available skills.

Output: play online game Khan Wars - the process is quite fascinating, but not designed for lovers «casual», as natural born tacticians and strategists mind-blowing. If the latter is true for you, then by this miracle to pass a browser, unequivocally, not worth it.

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