Combat sector

Alternative names: Sector Combat, Combat Sector

Combat Game Sector - Browser fantastic action in 3-D format. This interactive online game can make you a gladiator and send in the future to fight for their survival. Use your chance to go to the big leagues and become a true champion. Believe that if you decide to play Com bat Sector - adrenaline you provided! Huge selection of weapons and equipment, the ability to improve, different game modes, beautiful cards, exciting fights - all this and much more generously gives Com bat Sector game. To participate in the stunning events need Com bat Sector registration. The project, in principle, available to everyone. Of the main system requirements to parameters were ok Adobe Flash Player. If necessary, you can update the player. Join in the game Com bat Sector is as follows:

1) go in the game and in the window that appears, enter a name, a password, press the button "Registration".

2) A new window appears where again repeat already specified data (user name and password ), inform your email address and click "Sign Up".

3) During registration acceptance agreement.

At the beginning you get to the main menu, the divisions which should run for the development of the gaming world. You can take weapons or headlong rush into battle - as Com bat Sector decide to play yourself.

Combat Sector can play on any of the four vending cards. Initially available map "Lost Temple", as others become available to the achievement of certain levels. This deserted church has a cross shape, and the edges are pedestals designed to shelters. Map "Sky platform" - a former tropospheric gas production station. This square with a cross inside and corridors along the contours now perfectly adapted to the battles of gladiators. Map "Ruined Bridge" - a gladiatorial arena rectangular shape with a variety of obstacles and shelters. Legend has it that the bridge was destroyed during the war, then there began building that eventually was frozen. And another hot spot for gladiator fights map "Wasteland." This is a typical abandoned geological fault whose territory is where carousing.

Battles take place in batch mode. Teams are divided into red and blue. They are formed of randomly selected players. Fight lasts 15 minutes. The winner is the one who will destroy more enemies.

Before engage in military action, take care of ammunition for his Gladiator. Com bat Sector online game offers to buy armor, weapons, boosters and devices. Buy everything in the store in-game currency. Earnings you receive as a result of victories in battle. But is also available to purchase for real currency. Let's focus on the available equipment in the game. Arsenal of weapons is very rich. Play Game Com bat Sector is possible, using such weapons as

  • Assault rifle ShAD (m) "Hornet"
  • Shotgun RPM (e) "Dobermann"
  • Plasma revolver TP-P6 "Meteor"
  • Automatic pistol CCI-15 "Mosquito"
  • AutoRun CPM-025 "Scorpion"

Among armor has

  • Suits high resistance KVSP "Universal"
  • Scout KAR-3y "berserk"
  • Army KAR-2c "Commando"
  • NKSN (e) of nanotkaney "Chimera"
  • Heavy bronekostyumy TAC-47 "Defender"

Units in the game are special devices, the use of which improves some parameters. They also help at the right time to create a certain effect.

In game you will find devices such as:

  • D-2 "Cheetah"
  • UPR-z "Optimizer"
  • Module MSDP-1200 "Re-Animator"
  • Portable radar system CP (k458) "Seer"
  • Repair device RU-2 (nt) "Vanguard"

Boosters - a material that is eventually consumed. They differ from the devices short duration of its action. However, you can significantly improve the parameters of a gladiator, using, for example, injection PS1K "Combin" spetspatron ASO "preparator" holographic recorder Zug "Flash" and more. Action boosters though passing, but can sometimes play a decisive role.

To move to new levels, you need to monitor the amount of points. Of course, to improve things that are available to constantly, but it's nice when high levels provide an opportunity to own more perfect, previously inaccessible weapon!

Sector Kombat game is for you another surprise - the opportunity to participate in contests and win prizes. Contests are both military and creative.

Dear nick, see for yourself in the excitement of the beautiful game! Worth just visit the world of gladiators - and you will become a frequent guest at the game site. Skraste interesting exercise your leisure! It remains to wish you a pleasant experience!

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