Contra City

Alternative names: Contra City
Contra Game City is a fascinating 3D-shooter, in which you can play online only in the first person. If you are a fan of games such as Counter Strike, then this game will love you and just would like. To make it easy to play, you will need to press the key combination Alt + F, to go full screen, otherwise you will be uncomfortable to play. The game Contra City you can play in one of the modes provided: 1. DM mode is all against all. Here you will need to shoot all the enemies you meet on the way. Otherwise, they will kill you. 2. TDM is a team game. Here you will need to shoot their opponents, but conceal their. 3. Flag is a capture the flag mode. In this mode, you will need to pick up the flag in enemy territory, and then you have to take it into their territory. You, of course, need to head to the territory of the antagonist, and to take away his own flag, and then protect allies who now is your flag. After that you have to protect your flag on its territory. In order to get an unforgettable pleasure and participate in an exciting game of Contra City online you will need to go on your own account or create one. After that you will have one-click run the application on the social network. Upon entering the game Contra City contact your very first task is to create the nickname. Because this game is a browser, then you are bound to come up with a nickname not for ticks. Your nickname must be a concise and readable. This is due to the fact that it will see how your opponents and your allies. Besides your nickname will be displayed in the ranking. The game Contra City 3d shooter after registration you will study available in the game tab, and then you will need to pump your character. Only four tabs: 1. Headquarters. In this section, you can train your fighter, completely change the weapon for battle. In addition to this you have to be in this section to change their uniforms. In the same section contains all the things you won during the game. 2. Shop. In this section, your attention is invited fitting clothes with special bonuses. Also here you can buy the most powerful weapons for the battle. Your assortment of weapons in the store depends entirely on how many levels you have passed in the game, as well as how well the game pumped your hero. 3. Statistics. This section displays your personal achievement and Boden seen my best players who are currently playing online. Here your achievements are presented as the most important logical lines that play themselves as the game progresses. 4. Battle. This section is the most interesting in a shooter. Here you can start the battle one of several ways. The first way - to connect it to the previously created battle another player, as well as start their own battle. Plunge into the world Contra City for free, surprise your enemies with force and strategy.
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