Corsairs 3

Alternative names: Corsairs 3

Corsairs 3 - a computer game in the genre of simulation. Corsairs 3 game you fired as a continuation of a series of games Corsairs. Developed and released by the Russian company Akella. The game is not a novelty, was introduced to the world in 2005. But having, like all computer games, and the pros, and, of course, disadvantages game won recognition considerable number of fans. Game Corsairs III was further supplemented by a few games, not much improved version for better picture quality and more interesting story.

You have an opportunity before the game, if you are not a fan of it, browse the Internet presented Corsairs 3 videos. Be sure to carefully read through the review of the game. Then you can proceed to the site where you can download Corsairs 3 and proceed to sea voyages.

Note that the Russian could make a pretty fascinating story of the game Corsair 3.

Game is dedicated to marine life of the Caribbean pilgrims, especially the main sea villains - pirates. First levels through the game may seem to you a little bit boring. But this is only the beginning. This gives you the opportunity to study, get acquainted with the gameplay. It all begins with a search of the treasure of your father. All details will learn from a stranger, who introduced another of your father.

Here are only two main characters. This brother and sister

• Blaze;

• Beatrice.

Blaze - adopted son, the famous pirate - traveler Nicholas Sharpe. This young man is willing, clever, full of cunning and strength. Although enthusiasm for finding treasures he did not strongly developed on top.

Beatrice - spirited and carefree girl, violating all possible laws of the land and water. Good fights, always with you blade, which owns deftly. Dodgy, but his team will not give offense.

Select your character for you. They are both under your control, will all Corsairs 3 quests. You choose the country, on the side which will take you to England, France, Spain, Holland and pirates. For all the game, you can change the direction of adherents, but only care when. Main pursue one main task of the game - to win the first island of the Caribbean archipelago and seize all four colonies countries.

In Dogs 3 ships have their own, individual, each warring side. And have certain differences, respectively accompanying flag.

Graphics are not at the highest level, but overall picture presented in decent form - bright, beautiful and alluring. But the soundtrack to a great level. Clearly given all the possible effects.

There are not a few computer games about pirates. But still worth paying attention to this instance, since it was released not Americans. That you just have not met and do not exactly play.

Also, do not forget to submit game Corsair III comrades who love to play and not only.

Hurry up a website where you can buy immediately, or rather download game Corsairs 3.

Good luck gameplay sea space!

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