Birds of Prey

Alternative names: Birds of Prey
Gaijin Entertainment company has managed to establish itself as an experienced developer and classy long ago. While these guys do not take up the case, the Russian gamer industry in the west has been, to put it mildly, a little known. Now the game of Russian production associated with the project Birds of Prey pc, for example. This is one of the first works of the company, which immediately made it clear that Gaijin here a long time, have tremendous potential and are able to impress the world more than once. The project is so good that at first glance to determine that he «Made in Russia» virtually impossible - all the details of the game correspond to Western norms and standards. Using the best of modern technology and compliance requirements and desires of gamers allowed the project to conquer the hearts of players around the world. In Birds of Prey will need to play by watching (or rather - taking part) the events of World War II. This game - a typical simulation, made with high quality and very neat. Developers prefer to call their game Military History simulator. The main distinguishing feature of the game is that it is completely based on real historical events, which were precisely transferred, without any distortion and speculation. It seems that the team consulted a real historian. Responsibility with which software company came to develop the project, worthy of respect and a praise. Wings of Prey - a game that will give gamers the opportunity to feel like a pilot of a military aircraft. The player becomes a member of many famous battles: Stalingrad and Korsun-Shevchenko battle, battles for Sicily, Britain, Berlin and many others. All events are described so beautifully, that after the first mission, you automatically start to admire the project. That notice, as soon as you decide to download and Birds of Prey and can personally test the project, the first few days after that, all calls will be only one thing - a new hobby. At the very beginning of the game you must choose a plane, which carry you forward to the adventure. Range aircraft to project a lot: there are almost any bombers, fighters and attack aircraft. Gamers to choose from hundreds of classrooms provided more aircraft. Describes our project Birds of Prey review saw a flying game park masterpieces such as IL and Yak, Messerschmitt and Junkers. Already at the stage of selecting the machine, looking at airplanes, you will appreciate the high realism of the game. The project is designed as a single passage and to perform missions in cooperative mode. And any Birds of Prey video confirms that joint game is much more interesting and exciting. And if you and your friends more and Skype installed, funny "military-strategic evenings" are guaranteed! Hurry download the game and personally make sure that all vyshenapisannoe - absolutely true!
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