Alternative names: Lagunary

Lagoonia online - unusual browser game. This simulation of life on a remote island, which has not yet been touched by the hand of civilization and where you need to go all the way of human development from the first fires to create entertainment empire.

Unfortunately there are no Russian version of the game. But this is not a limitation, but only the possibility, because online game lagoonia gives you the opportunity to learn some easy and fun English and get useful skill. Because now if you go to a desert island and you can easily find foreigners common language and be able to make friends with them.

Join in the game lagoonia quite complicated: you need to enter your username, choose a password and specify a postal address. No expectations letters to confirm registration lagoonia does not require its players and you can immediately plunge into the wonderful world of the tropical island. In lagoonia registration is made so that you do not spend a lot of time filling out various forms and can very quickly start fighting for their place under the tropical sun.

Then you need to decide how it will look our character. You can choose the gender, hairstyle, hair color and skin. This allows you to create an image of the character most similar to your own, or perhaps similar to some of the famous actors or athletes.

So, your plane crashes on tropical islands and before you put several goals: to reach the shore, where you have got to understand, search for other survivors to find what shelter from the weather and the various dangers lying in wait for you in an unknown island. And to find something tasty, too, would not stop, because the hour is already late and stomach rumbles Recalling their needs. It is desirable to himself not to become dinner various predators. If they suddenly there. Here we of course will help the fire - it can cook and eat wild animals and he will scare. Lagoonia online game in which a person needs to once again prove its dominance over other species and nature in general.

Lagoonia online game has some serious differences from other gaming projects. For example, an interesting feature of the game is its peaceful plot. Survival in the new location will expect you to cooperation and mutual assistance with other survivors and the players, not the bloody destruction as it happens in most games. But do not take it easy. Peaceful survival requires effort.

Online game lagoonia has its own financial characteristics. The main currency of the game is a gem. You can earn them by completing various tasks in the course of gameplay. Important indicators of your character are health and energy - for them should always follow, because they will depend on the efficiency of your work.

Starting to play the game online lagoonia that would understand the game, the first time you need to follow the prompts. This will help to grasp the basics of the game, learn to play well and then lagoonia green beginner to turn into a real guru of uninhabited islands that can survive in any situation. Over time, before you open the huge prospects of turning a rundown of the island, full of difficulties and dangers in the real tourist paradise. Creating a network of entertainment and amusement. Thus, once in a plane crash, you managed not only to survive in harsh conditions, but also climb to the top of the financial world.

Where to vacation far away, and already so eager to get to the sea, was knocked down on the beach under the tropical sun then start playing the game online lagoonia is the best of the available options for you to solve the problem. In lagoonia play will be interesting to all children and growns, and even grandparents.

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