Last Chaos

Alternative names: Chaos fins, LC

If you like variety and weekly competitions for different rewards you would have to taste, then you just need to grow roots in this world. Among other advantages and benefits, online game Last Chaos in calendar order pleases its inhabitants fascinating game events. But before you rush to undergo phase Register Last Chaos, you must ensure that your computer system metrics corresponding to at least the minimum requirements

1) OS: Windows (R) Vista / XP/2000.

2) Processor: Intel Pentium III (1 GHz) or equivalent.

3) Memory 512 MB minimum.

4) Graphics card: GeForce2 MX / Radeon 7500 (or a similar) to 32 MB of memory.

5) About 3 GB of free hard disk space (to check, double-click on the icon "My Computer", located on your desktop).

6) Minimum speed internet connection - 56 kb / s. At the same time, your rate should allow you to download the client and the loader in a total volume of 900 MB.

So the first step - Join in the game Last Chaos. On the relevant page of the official website of the game, do the following:

• specify the name under which you will enter the game and forum;

• create a password. Try not to use predictable words to your account is not hacked;

• write valid e-mail address - to reactivate your account or retrieve a forgotten password, for example,

• familiarize yourself with the rules and user agreement;

• confirm the image by entering the letters shown in the picture.

Now boldly press "Next". The second step - download loader Game Center Mail. ru and the game client. Download, install, run the game. Last Chaos registration is over!

Begin to play the game online Last Chaos with a definition of racial and class character. All 5 classes differ from each other:

• Titanium: impeccable health and powerful attack. Brings passion to medicines.

• Mag: extremely versatile. Can cause enormous damage even multiple targets. No wonder, if it is this class you prefer to play the game online Last Chaos. Note its negative - weak protection.

• Knight: best suited for the role of the tank in Last Chaos online, etc. k his defense is the most robust.

• Thief: The highest speed + decent damage.

• Healer: mana - no way. Treats all, but during the fight he better be in the group.

To play Last Chaos it even more interesting, after reaching level 31 you will have the opportunity to improve the class. For example, the Knight can be upgraded to the Royal Knight Templar or, depending on the race. By the way, you can play Last Chaos

1. Man (the character can be either a man or a woman).

2. Elf (can only play a woman).

3. Titanium (men only).

You will find the following system of skills

→ General Skills - is healing and attacking skills;

→ Passive Skills will provide permanent bonuses;

→ Job Skills guarantee Kraft (craft work). Available to everyone.

Last Chaos online game has entertaining dungeon system. Distinguish:

• Public prison, where any player can go.

• Private DM - designed for quick money. Access to them can only be obtained after meeting certain Nipomo.

Not giving others a free MMORPG, Last Chaos online game allows furnishing pet - a dragon or horse. Pumped (gain experience) he, along with the character. Ride on, however, will only be possible to achieve level 31.

History of the game world, called Iris, covers a great number of events available with which you can during the game. Now you should know that in this world until A fragile truce, the fate of which will largely depend on you. Good luck!

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