Alternative names: LawBreakers

LawBreakers is a dynamic shooter.

Boss Key Productions is the creator of the leading-person shooter for PC and PS4. Before you play LawBreakers, which has become a tasty morsel for fans of futuristic worlds. The theme chosen by the creators for their masterpiece lies in the plane of the post-apocalyptic world in which to survive. That's just instead of the picturesque ruins and waste of humanity, the player sees a completely unique universe.

At the end of the summer of 2017, the company has scheduled the release of the project, and players cannot wait until they can play the game LawBreakers. And the most gambling took care to arrange pre-order, that's just for the computer and the console, different terms. Anyone who plans to download LawBreakers and install it on a manual should have time before July 7. But the owners of the PlayStation 4 can think about until August 4. However, the number of copies on pre-order for the PS4 is limited to only 5,000 copies, so it’s best to hurry.

As for sets of items, they are the same for both platforms:

  • Pairs of hero cards sets, for each faction, a copy of
  • Dadi Abaddon
  • Original personal box number
  • Dayzo Sticker, LawBreakers elite stickers, and also a postcard

The only distinguishing feature is that the computer version comes in the form of the Deluxe digital code, unlike the PS4 edition, which is distributed by physical copies.

A little annoying circumstance that Russian-speaking people who wish to sign up for an open test will not be able to do this, since the goods are not available in their region, and this is indicated by a pop-up message. But do not be sad, because the game itself is adapted for our player, and you just have to wait. Those who have already experienced the toy were satisfied, but stated that it must be constantly alert in it, since everything happens too swiftly. The situation is changing at lightning speed, and the beauty of the mechanized world is distracting from the fulfillment of urgent tasks.

About the plot and the rest.

Before playing LawBreakers, it is interesting to know the backstory. Events take place on our planet, but in the distant future. It all started with the rapid development of technology. It seems like progress, but one day something went wrong (as always), and civilization crashed. The catastrophe destroyed the moon, which led to global problems: the climate has changed, natural disasters began, the earth's gravity has radically changed. But humanity has not died out, but managed to adapt to new conditions. On the ruins of the old world a new generation has grown up, more advanced. People learned to live in a transformed environment, and even built a renewed civilization, even more advanced.

In the beginning, it seemed that life was getting better and the balance was restored. But it was an appearance, because the criminal organizations saved up their strength in order to pour onto the streets once a powerful stream. The society was divided into two groups: the mafia and the law. It is on this confrontation that the iPlayer LawBreakers plot is built. You are waiting for spectacular battle with fantastic weapons and vehicles. Going to a distant future, it is necessary to master unusual aircraft, explore all corners of the new world, study and test futuristic weapons.

Periodically, new features, modes, and maps will be added, and stickers can be made on the tools. For example, Juggernaut quickly recovers spent fuel; if Omega is fully charged, then Gunslinger does a lot of damage; Wraith suffers less in melee and more effective bombs.

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