Laysara: Summit Kingdom

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Laysara Summit Kingdom is a city-building simulator with slightly unusual tasks. The graphics in the game are somewhere in the middle between realistic and cartoonish, but everything looks extraordinarily beautiful and detailed if you zoom in close enough. The characters are voiced realistically, the music is pleasant.

The game has a plot. For city-building simulators, this is very unusual.

You need to build new housing for your people who have been expelled from the lowlands. Life in the mountains is a very difficult task, moreover, dangerous because of the constant risk of avalanches. But since the lowlands are occupied by hostile tribes, you will have to take on the mission of restoring the kingdom of Lysar among the mountain peaks.

Fortunately, the developers made sure that before you play Laysara Summit Kingdom, you went through a little training, without which it would not be easy to get used to the game.

Tough challenges await you next:

  • Find a place to farm or take care of other ways to supply the population with food
  • Build enough residential buildings to house the population
  • Get resources to build buildings and produce everything you need
  • Set up trade with other cities

You won't be bored. Something constantly happens in the game and you will not always like it, but it only makes it more interesting to play this way.

The game is divided into missions, during which you will need to build settlements on various mountains. Each of the hills has its own characteristics, somewhere you can get food only by hunting or fishing in mountain waters. On some, there will be no difficulties with subsistence, but other resources may have to be mined close to the glacier zone.

The strategy for survival and development is different in each case. What worked perfectly in the previous settlement in this one can lead people to the brink of death. At the same time, other tasks will become easier to perform on the contrary.

In addition to the obvious survival tasks, try to protect settlements from avalanches as much as possible. For these purposes, it will be necessary to plant forests on the slopes, this is the most effective means of protection from the elements.

The highlight of the game is that after you have been able to equip the settlement and moved to the next peak, you will be able to establish trade relations between these cities and thus replenish the missing resources by getting rid of the surplus.

This is more difficult than it looks, because for successful trade you need to build roads between settlements, and when the road must go around incredibly steep peaks, the distance increases significantly. In addition, trade caravans run the risk of being buried under the snow.

There are no battles or warriors in the game, you have to fight exclusively with the elements that live in the mountains. Although the lowlands are inhabited by hostile tribes that have expelled your people, it is impossible to meet enemies.

Laysara Summit Kingdom download for free on PC, unfortunately, will not work. You can buy the game on the Steam platform or on the official website.

Help the ruined kingdom of Laysar be reborn, and the people who have lost their homes regain their homes! Start playing right now!

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