Left 4 Dead 2

Alternative names: Left 4 Dead 2

Game Left 4 Dead 2 is a cooperative multiplayer computer game. This game is designed in the style of shooter and events taking place in it in the first person.

The basis for action game is a battle of survivors against hordes of infected people.

Download Left 4 Dead 2 may only grown players. For underage users access to the game is closed.

You have a unique opportunity to see the game Left 4 Dead video. This can be on the game's official website or on youtube. In the video reveals the essence of the game, characters are represented and other interesting information about the game.


In-Game Left 4 Dead 2 campaigns are divided into several types of Infected and Survivors.

In the game Left 4 Dead 2 Play You'll completely familiar with all the characters:

  1. Coach is a 44-year-old African-American, who hails from Savannah. This character in his younger years was the quarterback of the football team of his college, but after receiving a knee injury put an end to his career. Currently, he works as a teacher of physical education in school and already far from good shape. All friends and acquaintances called his coach, and he likes it. Therefore, another survivor, he did not say his real name.
  2. Nick is an avid card player and a great fraud. Nick - 35 years. This character is an expensive white suit and loves the good life. Previously, he traveled from city to city and in local casinos earned a living playing cards.
  3. Rochelle is a 29-year-old black girl who was born in Cleveland. Her profession - it's journalism, as it is very much like to communicate. For many successes, she was promoted to the post and sent to Savannah, she was there to write an article about the strangeness of that began to occur in the town.
  4. Ellis is ingenuous, but far not stupid 23-year-old man, who hails from Savannah. This character works in the workshop. He loves spending time with her friends. He is not afraid of infection and is ready to fight them.
  5. Infected - it's not just ordinary people who have been infected by a virus, but also other characters.

In-Game Left 4 Dead 2 weapons are very original. You can use the following weapons:

1. Firearm.

2. Needless to better weapons.

3. New types of melee weapons.

4. Methyl weapon.

5. Other items: first aid kits, uniforms, etc.


In-Game Left 4 Dead 2 you can choose whichever you game mode:

1. Cooperative - a mode in which you will fight with other players online.

2. Espionage - a mode in which you play four on four players from the different campaigns.

3. Survival - this mode repeats cooperative game.

4. Realism - it's like co-op mode, only with more stringent conditions.

5. Collection - a mode with the same rules as the Battle mode, but it you will need to collect cans.

6. Mutations - is a combination of several different modes.

8. Battle: realism - a combination of the two modes of realism and battles.





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