Legend: Legacy of the Dragons

Alternative names: Dwar, DWAR

Legend: Legacy of the Dragons online - is a browser-based online role game (MMORPG), made in the style of fantasy. Everyone can get in the game, joining one of the warring parties - or Magmars People and dive into the raging battle.

Online RPG Legend: Legacy of the Dragons game requires no client installation, which can be downloaded directly on the site of the game (on the main page). To work correctly, the customer must install the latest version of Flash Player. For installation you need more, that would be on the hard drive was at least 1.50 GB of free space.

To enter the game, you need Register Legend: Legacy of the Dragons: There are two ways to register with the help of social networks and chat site.

If you have a registered account in Mail. ru, Facebook, Classmates, or contact, it can be used as a registration site: click on the desired icon of one of the social networks that are put on the home page and follow the instructions. The second way to register: on the home page, choose a game server, click the "Register" button on the page that opens, enter the fields in the registration e-mail and password. Next, go to the next page, choose the people (for which you play), it is the people or the people Ogriya Khair. After that, choose the sex of the character, pick up his appearance and shape, assign it a name (or nickname) and accept the agreement of the Game. Everything on this Registration in the game Legend: Legacy of the Dragons ends. Can begin at Legend: Legacy of the Dragons play.

Going into the game, following the prompts, you will need to perform several tasks initially to help adapt to the game and get his first armor.

Legend: Legacy of the Dragons online game has such features:

Each character has the basic characteristics, it Survivability, Protection, Intuition, Agility, Strength, Speed, Standard of living, Damage and Valor. Also features more Race:

Race Magmars - Feo beings of the world, who live on the continent of Khair. They have great physical ability and strong spirit army with devastating force and high discipline. They are brave, hardy and desperate;

Race People - people of the world Feo, who live on the mainland Ogry. They are endowed with reason, intellect and free will, are not aggressive and warlike, but due to circumstances take part in wars. They have a large amount of knowledge and skills.

Each race has its Dragon: at Magmars - Striagorn it, and people - it Erifarius.

In addition, the game Legend: Legacy of the Dragons Online has a large number of game characters, such as rulers, wizards, sages, soothsayers, Warriors, Knights, Mercenaries and many more other colorful characters (there are more than 20).

With access to the pet, of which there are 30 species, play the game Legend: Legacy of the Dragons Online will be interesting. Thanks to your pet, you can receive substantial support from his battles with enemies.

Those who wish to earn game money (gold, silver and copper) will appreciate the wealth of career options through which you can work on collecting herbs, stones and prey fish or healing practice ... Having multiple stores, auction, and trade chat makes the game more exciting. And that's not all, play online game Legend: Legacy of the Dragons to be moving around the wide variety of locations that protect powerful monsters.

To the character did not hesitate, moving between locations, play Legend: Legacy of the Dragons can use their own mounts, which also can help in the fight (unless, of course, the animal will be fighting skills). Some riding warriors being subject only to a certain race, others can be purchased by completing quests.

With regard to the specifics of fights, here there are many different techniques and spec bumps. Combat capabilities depend on the character of his class, equipment, level ... more details about the fighting can be found in "Textbook newbie" on the website, as well as much more ...

Legend: Legacy of the Dragons Online registration will open the door to everyone in this fabulous world!

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