Legends of Honor

Alternative names: Legends of Honor

Game Legends of Honor: strengthen your empire

Here is a new browser-based product - the game Legends of Honor. It can be called a classic MMO strategy where military prowess coexists with diplomacy and economy.

Here are three factions, but to join one, you can only after training.

  • Order of the Golden Claw
  • Rytsari ashes and gloom
  • Voiny wild zemel

Vse they look impressive and powerful. They managed to gain fame and impose high requirements for applicants. They will welcome you, teach the necessary knowledge, but should you wish to withdraw from the faction as you will be deprived of all privileges, bonuses, points and glory expel from the alliance. By the way, the alliance will be able to start after the third level. But if they are open to all, on the other it is necessary to wait for an invitation.


Beginning of historic events

The once powerful kingdom is now divided between the warring factions, and people are struggling to survive. Between neighbors permanent war breaks out, which often says weapons than convincing words. Protecting its territory, the clans erected towers and walls, hired armies, buy and produce weapons. In an instant, a fragile peace may be destroyed, and then spears fly in the rain.

To find the status, influence and experience necessary: ​​

  • Issledovat meadows, forests, hills, extensive maps in search of enemies and sokrovisch
  • Obschatsya with sosedyami
  • Prodvigatsya to pobede
  • Uchastvovat in forume


Dobyvaem money and slavu

Nakoplennye wealth and fame give a green road in any direction, and therefore they need to save hard.

  • Tverdo bear arms and participate in PvP srazheniyah
  • Planirovat strategy ataki
  • Zabotitsya Settlement and finds soyuznikov
  • Zarabatyvat currency: Gems and monety
  • Dobyvat resursy
  • Stroit and improve zdaniya
  • Proizvodit tovary

Thank increases when you win the battle. But it is also easy to lose if idle, to attack weak players, and change fractions leads to its complete loss.

Victory goes not only brave and strong, but also hardworking. If you need a powerful weapon, good clothes and nourishing food, it is necessary to invest in the purchase and development of their own businesses. But where are the coins?

Build production and homes to collect taxes. But first, take care of the treasury, which will begin to flow revenues. And the higher the level of the Treasury, the wider its coffers, which will be available to the enemy, even during the siege.

Still it is possible to deal with looters, but this method entails a risk to be robbed.

Do such currency as gems, but it is harder to get - buy for real money, doing the job, taking away the looters.

Resources, though not the currency, but also the price. Mined mainly wood, stone, and food, but for the construction of industrial buildings is not enough space. Decide what resources you need more, and temporarily give up the increase in the number of others. Gradually improving the citadel, you will have more space for all needs.


We arm with sword and fire

true warrior needs a battle, gnashing of metal, screams, blood and hard-won victory. Study the map and consider the geography of the area to better distribute the forces.

Forest - an ideal place for an ambush, and climb the hill, you can trace the movement of the top foreign troops. Some of the soldiers fighting on the perfect wooded area, but bad defense. Other skillfully use the open space, creating miracles and attack and defense.

If you do not know what better to undertake consultation forum iPlayer Legends of Honor, and you will answer experienced players.

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