Les Royaumes Renaissants

Alternative names: Les Royaumes Renaissants

Game Royaumes Renaissants is a free, international and really massively multiplayer online game. You will not need to download anything - to play a full game in Rejuvenated Kingdom need only a web browser. This game perfectly recreates a variety of genres and has a strategic role and along with political components.

When you're in Royaumes Renaissants play, you can immerse yourself in the early Renaissance Europe. Your character will begin to play a modest role in the tramp, but if he will have the tenacity, perseverance and skills, then in the end, you will have the opportunity to climb the hierarchy and to play a significant role in the political life of the Kingdom.

Before playing Royaumes Renaissants , make sure your computer meets the system requirements such as: frequency processor - 2GHz; RAM-1GB Video Card - 128MB. Join in the game Royaumes Renaissants will not take a lot of time and easy:

1.                   On the main page, select the item "registration";

2.                   Enter the username;

3.                   Please enter a valid e-mail;

4.                   Enter a secure password and repeat it;

5.                   Select "registration" and Royaumes Renaissants registration is over.

The game was released in 2004, after she quickly became a classic, so to speak, the benchmark for web games. Game Royaumes Renaissants was marked by many awards, has been translated into 25 languages, and its success is simply inconceivable.

If you are looking for a bloody battle or the latest art 3D, then Royaumes Renaissants online will meet all your expectations . In this game, if you want to advance in the hierarchy, or to take positions influential person, then you need to negotiate ... Game Royaumes Renaissants - this is a complex and rich game in which human relations above all else.

During the Renaissance, you become a vagabond in the new Europe in the mid fifteenth century, and it is necessary to progress in the social scale. All the characters that you will encounter in the game, it's the carpenter, baker, whose bread you buy, the miller, who produces flour, peddler, which imports wheat from distant lands ... and even the mayor of your city, your county court bailiffs, judges, heads of armies or the Queen of France!

You'll Royaumes Renaissants play and realize that this is a huge world, which extends to the whole of Europe in 25 languages: you can for example, take the boat to cross the English Channel, and can join the Ottoman Empire. But you must remember while traveling Royaumes Renaissants online , states that the political situation that you cross the border, and therefore can cause conflicts!

But if these adventures are not for you, then you can select and peaceful lifestyle. Maybe you would rather strive to earn a living in the game Royaumes Renaissants , using your fields and growing animals or produce rare items for international trade ( tapestries, local spirits, and so etc.. ). Why do not you open a restaurant or fortune in trade? Thanks earned-capital you could well afford, for example, to become mayor or just live a happy life without leaving your village game Revival Kingdom.

Since 2004, the development team of Shogun constantly enriching the game world Royaumes Renaissants online permanently basis. Navigation, shipbuilding, medicine and disease, so are part of the latest enhancements. And in 2013, new players expect new surprises. Join now and explore the world Royaumes Renaissants online , if you do it in the teeth!



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