Life is Strange: True colors

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Life is Strange: True colors is difficult to attribute to any particular genre. The closest is probably RPG or Simulator. The game has excellent graphics, good musical content. The faces of the characters are well animated, which is a big step forward compared to previous projects by this studio.

The game imitates ordinary life.

you will have

in it
  • Make new friends
  • Help other people
  • Try to understand the feelings and motives of the actions of others
  • And much more

The game begins with the main character named Alex Cheyne moving to live with her brother, whom she had not seen for a long time in a small mining town. She is quite young, she is 21 years old.

Alex wants to take a break from life in the metropolis and take up music. Along the way, she meets her brother's friends and the rest of the town. Mostly they are good and simple people, but many of them have psychological problems, and Alex's help will be useful to them. The thing is, she has some kind of superpower. Unusually developed empathy, she can see something like an aura that reflects the emotional state of a person.

The town lives a quiet provincial life. Every day repeats the previous one. The only difference is the mining company located nearby. They use directed explosions to destroy the rock. But in good faith warn local residents about this.

But one day everything changes when Gabe's brother Alex dies under mysterious circumstances.

Alex will have to find out what happened and make sure that those responsible are punished. Along the way, she will discover another ability, when people experience very strong emotions, she has the opportunity to experience the same thing and thereby help a person.

This game might seem like a Nancy Drew adventure, but it's not. In fact, rather, it is a kind of recreation simulator away from the bustle of the city. Even while investigating, the main character does not forget to go shopping, attend parties. He arranges his personal life and even records a song on a local radio station.

There are a few tense moments in the game, but they are few and nothing creepy happens. Playing Life is Strange: True colors is not scary at all.

The game is mainly about the complexity of relationships between people and the fact that sometimes actions can be motivated by emotions that are not quite obvious.

As you can understand, the game is more focused on girls, but maybe some guys will be interested in as a break from exterminating enemies in packs in some kind of shooter.

Gameplay in the game is small, basically all actions come down to interacting with people or things in certain locations. The plot is linear, but not quite, the answers in the dialogues still affect the attitude of others towards Alex in the future.

There are also additional quests here. There are not many of them, but they diversify the game if you suddenly get bored.

Life is Strange: True colors download for free on PC, unfortunately, will not work. You can buy the game on the Steam Trade Portal. The game does not have a high price and if you like these games, then it deserves attention.

Start playing now and spend a few evenings immersed in the pleasant atmosphere of a provincial town!

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