League - 17

Alternative names: League - 17
Creators of the game are a small group of enthusiasts. League - 17 Pokémon is a browser-based online game, which was created based on the cartoon Pokemon. In the game you will act as a coach in the game Pokemon, the main challenge will be to develop your reach Champion League status. Play Online League - 17 full of different kinds of locations that are partially interconnected system transitions. In each of them inhabited by various Pokémon and their trainers. Each Pokemon has its own ID. It is necessary to ensure that police were able to in the event of theft Pokemon with your ID to return it to the owner All the information about their pets can be found in the trainer menu tab Team Pokemon. All the information about Pokemon can be divided into such parts: • Info • Article • Attacks • Actions with Pokémon In the information stored general information about Pokemon: • the name of the • the sex of • The nature of • the time of capture In addition, there is evidence of major combat performance of your Pokemon, namely: • Happiness • Friendly • Health • Speed • Protection • Spec. Protection • Spec. Friendly For example, under the heading "attack" you will find the study, and are available to study the attack of your Pokemon. And of course, the action tab with Pokémon speaks for itself. You can give a name to your Pokemon, go to the nursery to make it start or go. Your actions in the game are not particularly limited. Control of the game is simple enough, his study did not take long. Undoubtedly, the league - 17 game is very addictive! At the beginning of the gameplay you get a so-called starter Pokémon and an initial set of objects. Then it is necessary in the league - 17 to play by developing your character through participation in various contests with rivals. Fight for victory in them, produce catch new Pokemon. As a reward for their successful actions you will receive bonuses in the form of play money, material rewards. Thus, will increase your reputation and the level of their own Pokemon. In addition, passing quests and gaining victory over wild Pokémon can get things play money. To play League17 must be registered on the official website of the game. It is quite simple to implement. The game menu Russified, and need only follow the simple prompts. League - 17 registration does not take much of your time, you need to do is fill in the following boxes: Specify the name of your character; Specify your e-mail address; Come up and enter your password; Repeat the password; Choose the gender of your character; Select its type; Choose the color of the skin; Select the face shape; Choose a hairstyle and hair color; 10. Read and confirm that you accept the rules of the User Agreement; 11. Click key ready. You are welcomed League17 game, now you - a full user and can fully enjoy all the marvels of this gameplay. So, success to you, become a great coach Pokemon!
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