League online

Alternative names: League online

League online - is a multiplayer football game with a unique 3 D graphics, allowing you to watch the match better than in real life.

Online Game League Live for correct display of gameplay makes the following computer requirements of the future owner of the team:

· Windows

· High speed internet connection,

· Processor: Pentium III 600 MHz or [ _2_] above


· Video: Compatibility of DirectX 9. 0b or Open GL 1. 1. 3D-graphics card equivalent GeForce 32MB and above

· At least 1 GB of free hard disk space

· DirectX 9. 0c

· Flash Player 9. 0 and higher

· Browsers latest version - IE [ _2_], Opera, Chrome, Firefox with support th Java

If you are in doubt whether you need to League Online registration, you will have the opportunity to test match and understand whether you fit this game. For this you need to download the client, the program you want to install on your computer.

Register Online League game is very simple. First of all you have to assemble a team of players from the introduced, and then enter:

· Username

· Password

· Electronic mailbox address,

· Code from the image.

Once you confirm and mail, download and install the game client, League Online registration is complete and you can proceed directly to the game.

Starting to play the game League Online, go to the menu command. First you need to give it a name, and then decide how the colors will be used for soccer uniforms. Experienced players are advised to buy a club card - it only opens up the full capabilities that exist in the game, including access to all tournaments.

League Live game has several tournaments, participation in which is often dependent on your skill

· Tournament air , it fighting team without a club membership;

· Tournament land , in which involves all players at will;

· Tournament water , which is closed for those whose rating is below 1600;

· Tournament fire for which you need to earn 1900 rating points;

· Golden League , which is available Only players who have reached level 40.

When you play online game League Live, you'll have plenty of ways to make your team stronger. First you need to go through all the practice matches and get the fifth level in the game. Only then you will be admitted to the major tournaments. If you feel that you have enough experience gained in training, it is always possible to acquire in a friendly match, although we should not forget that the rating is valid only while participating in official matches.

Secondly, you will be able to develop their own tactics - attack and defense, as well as any third. Or you can use the tactics of coach who leads his team to victory in the real life. Tactics can be switched during the match.

Third, when you play in the League Live, you can, earning money to buy a team of famous players, including the goalkeeper, as well as coaches. On our games are hot debate which players to buy better.

Fourth, to play in the League Live absolutely on top, you can buy special shoes and other "gadgets" that increase the performance and characteristics of players.

Team game developers regularly conducts various cups and tournaments in which you can prove that your team deserves to wear the title of the best. In addition, you can join a clan that will allow your team to participate in special battles clans.

Game League Live was created especially for football fans who have not previously had the opportunity to put their knowledge regarding winning football tactics.

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