Light & Darkness

Alternative names: Light and Darkness, LD

For those who have conquered the world «Lineage» and nostalgic, offer to meet with the game Light and Darkness online - browser RPG, not much inferior to its ancestor. Online game Light and Darkness - it's an amazing work of graphic designers, quality animation, great traced peace and fantastic images. In order to get into this story, take the first step - register. Join in the game Light and Darkness usually passes without intricate items - name (his own, then come up with for the character), e-mail address, password and confirm it, or not subscribe to the newsletter, the user agreement. All of them? Does registration Light and Darkness - in your pocket. Now it remains to wait for the letter with the activation of the account, confirm it and make sure that your Light and Darkness in the online registration was successful.

The first step, before you start playing the game online Light and Darkness, is to choose a server, which will be created by your character. It is conventionally called the two worlds - Thor and Ares. Thor on the server acts standard PvP. Here you will be able to realize themselves in fights and battles as monsters and other players. Curiously, that permission to attack you do not need, so be ready for lightning attacks, and prepare yourself for them. Good show itself - and you will appreciate not only allies, but also rivals (add points to your combat skills). If you go play in the Light and Darkness on server Ares, you will be protected from any kind of surprises - there is room only for specified understand at duels and battles, no spontaneity of the enemy, although you also handicaps present. Well and other nuances - for example, it is possible to conclude a pact with the same the same opponent, in order to destroy the enemy neutral (monsters).

Defined the server, and it would be good to create a character. In Light and Darkness can play for the Warriors, Thieves, Merchants, Archers, Priests and Mages. Selecting a class, you will be directed to its corresponding location, and start from "Chronicle" of his hero. Passing a new level, will earn points to improve the personal characteristics of the hero - agility and stamina, strength and intelligence, luck and skill. Adding to their cash reserves, go for the weapons and equipment of the city, there you shopkeepers and "good shield" offer, and "bad sneakers" can reward.

Light and Darkness Game online simply is teeming with story quests, and there are even some which are specifically designed for a certain class of character, which is especially popular with those who undertook to play the game online Light and Darkness. TK game problems ask the non-player characters, and the way they are prompt and parting words bestow.

Light and Darkness online game, "covering" a huge area - area map takes place on 15 th m. miles. There are a huge number of locations, but move between them is not easy. If you are a wealthy hero, then through special portals deliver you quickly and comfortably, but if with coins difficult then go on a long journey to the mounts or swimming with other heroes who organized clan, for example.

Also in Light and Darkness can play, take a neutral position - harvest, learn the craft. And it all happens very realistic, if a harvest - so in due season, if staying, so at night (the game has a day and night) and many other details that create a wonderful atmosphere, a colorful and enticing for the player.

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