Lime Odyssey

Alternative names: Lime Odyssey

If you ever meet with games Aeria Games , you probably had to hear and this game. Game Lime Odyssey [_1_ ] will take you to hitherto unexplored continent Orta. - Your task is to explore as many new lands of the continent. Your journey will run through impassable mountains, lonely deserts, and at some stages LimeOdysseyonlineвам even have to demonstrate their swimming ability.

If you're already familiar with at least one of the representatives Aeria Games and wound up an account in this "clan", now to acquainted with LM , you only need to enter your personal account, download the setup file of the game client and play-play-play. If you are a beginner, then you are welcome to register. In Lime Odyssey registered [ _1_] is a mandatory process.

1. The game is currently in the testing phase, but an application for participation in the test can be submitted at any time.

2. Click on the button « Beta Sign Up . Play Free », to send a request.

3. To create a new account click on the link « Need an account ? Sign up now! . "

4. In Lime [_8_ ] Odyssey play can also signing in to your account in Facebook . Registration form allows this kind of authorization.

5. If the account in Facebook you do not, you will have to fill out a registration form where the upper field (« Your Email ») specify the address of your electronic mailbox.

6. The next line « Birthday » record the date of birth.

7. Recently field « Type the two words ». register provided CAPTCHA system.

8. To complete your registration, click on the blue button «Sign up and Play! . "

9. Before you open the account creation form, the top line which is already inscribed alleged nickname, if you prefer, you can change it.

10. In field « Password » enter your password, with which in the future you will get into your account. Password must be at least 8 characters, among which must be at least one capital letter and one digit.

11. Complete all fields click on « Save », swing game client installation file and welcome Now you can play the game online Lime Odyssey [_1_ ].

This game will appeal to all fans of Aeria Games . Nicely done strategy presupposes the existence of three main playable races.

1. People. Settlers characters.

2. Turga. Warlike and brave heroes.

3. Muris. This race knows something about magic, and does not hesitate to use it.

In turn, each race is divided into different subclasses, each of which has special skills and knowledge.

Daily game updated with new quests and missions. So bored with Lime Odyssey you just do not have. What is remarkable in Lime Odyssey free [_9_ ] can play anyone. Perform the job visit neighboring villages, make new acquaintances, learn more new skills. All this will help you pass your spare time fun. Do not miss your chance to download the most Lime Odyssey ! Play yourself and invite your friends - plenty of space!



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