League of Angels 2

Alternative names: League of Angels 2

League of Angels Game 2: three-dimensional beauty.

If you are an admirer of the first part of the fantasy story, the game League of Angels 2 will delight you with new improvements:

  • Three-dimensional graphics, incredible dynamics and impressive special effects.
  • More than 50 characters, where among the new heroes you will certainly meet old acquaintances.
  • Developing a strategy and applying tactics has become even more interesting thanks to new features.
  • More more dungeons inhabited by dragons, demonic creatures, giants and other monsters.
  • Angels participate in battles, their pumping and the ability to organize their own league.

As you can see, the MMO browser-based product with step-by-step actions is ready for new challenges, waiting for experienced players who rush to play the League of Angels 2 game, trying to protect what is left of the greatness of the former world.

Vas waiting for a collision with evil, but experience, magic, weapons and rage will help to defeat all enemies and fight with the main boss. He has become even worse, bigger and stronger, and can only be defeated together.

Again war.

Even among angels, peace does not last forever. The old disagreements returned again, the old evil rebelled, the demons of the underworld awakened. Beautiful angels: Athena, Moira and Fortune established their own independent kingdoms, the Union of the Initiates, the Citadel of Celestials and the Kingdom of the Immortals.

Nobody knows when peace will come, but everyone hopes to live to this point. In the meantime, you need to collect the fragments of an ancient artifact, but for this you need a new League of Angels.

The first important step will be the League of Angels 2 registration. Next is a pleasant choice of your angel with unique features. You can gradually develop them, improve, introducing new features, honing the existing ones. To do this, perform assignments that have a beneficial effect on experience. Gradually, you will become so strong that you can deal with really dangerous opponents.

Although the entire angelic population of this world belongs to different factions, this does not prevent them from joining leagues to achieve a better result. Together, you can explore the remote caves inhabited by scary creatures, destroy them, and receive a well-deserved reward. After the fifteenth level, more prestigious dungeons with especially valuable artifacts and treasures will become available.

Battles and equipment.

You will play League of Angels 2, having the opportunity to visit the PVP Arena to clash with the opponent in a duel. If you crave impressions and spectacles, arrange mass disassembly between groups, and upon reaching the 20th level you get the right to create your own guild, and to organize mass atrocities in dungeons.

To successfully complete missions, you need good equipment, which is divided into 4 types:

  • Epic
  • Legendary
  • Unusual
  • Rare10006

You can improve it in a natural way or speed up the process by resorting to the help of game currency.

The hero level in iPlayer League of Angels 2 will also help with decorations, accessories and clothing, to which are attached new wings. Before dressing the hero in another costume, study all his options. Please also note that the outfits are divided into female and male.

When you get into a world full of magic, you can expect any surprises, so is it any wonder? Becoming one of the angels, you will be much available, and it is important to properly learn how to use the fallen gift. Your angel is strong and capable enough, but in the guild he becomes even more powerful. And if you want to leave the company, you can always do it.

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