Loong Online

Alternative names: Loong Online

Loong Online (game Loong Online) - a free multiplayer online role-playing game, in which the unfolding events in ancient China, the mighty and majestic power. Currently the game is in the process of localization and adaptation to European and American audiences. Certainly not a secret that the games in which subjects revealed eastern mythology, gradually gaining the position and each year they become more and more. But very pleased that the online game Loong - is not just a commercial project for show, but a real creature, which is the result of hard work of many people and has won the trust and credibility with many players around the world.

Join in the game Loong Online understandable to everyone and does not take much of your time. All you need to do - to enter your account name, password to access the game and e-mail address. Thereafter, in your mailbox, you will receive a notification that the registration Loong completed, and after downloading the game client, you can immediately start playing.

Now a little about the system requirements: Processor - 1.5 GHz RAM - 2 GB graphics card with 3D-accelerator memory 256 MB, 5 GB of free space on the hard drive and the operating system Windows XP / 7. And of course do not forget that your computer must be connected to the Internet.

It so happened that very few games have a large enough budget, but Loong online game that can boast a solid investment in its development. And if we talk specifically, the creation of the game was spent approximately ten million U.S. dollars. And when more familiar with the game, no doubt, what the money was spent, does not arise. Great graphics, nice and very smooth animation, detailed study of the environment and devilishly good script and plot, as well as localization of the game on a huge number of different languages.

Editor playable characters, which provides Loong Online game made on the conscience, at our discretion, there are six colors of hair, five different kinds of haircuts, five types of species and face shapes and several variants of the initial sets of clothes. Of course, the uniqueness of your game character without any doubt will give a variety of tattoos, scars and earrings, and all that you too will be able to customize.

Class system in the game in fact missing, it replaced by a division of specialization gun ownership: totem, harps, brass knuckles, a halberd, bow, sword or sword. First, you can change weapons constantly, but with an increase in your ability to change perosnazha arsenal will become less, because you will need to seriously reflect on what branch to develop weapons. Play the game Loong Online pleasant and interesting with the support of all your comrades. Siege, clan battles and fights in the arena - with friends to participate in all these events will be many times more interesting.

At the initial stage of the game, being in the area for beginners, you will meet with NPC, neblshoy pass the course and get their first real job. Not spared developers and already a favorite with all the most games auto navigation system. Now if you want to get to some point on the ground, you will need to hover the mouse pointer to the place on the map and click on the special button, the result of just such simple actions your character will run there himself. Play the game thanks Loong similar system will be very pleased.

You will please all lovers of very pet system, the ability to acquire that you literally appear after the third task. Your pet - not just a toy, but a real battle assistant.

Evolve in the game is not as difficult experience earned easily, because jobs are always enough to make your character has been continuously developed and explored new techniques and skills.

So, summing up under all the above, it should be noted that in Loong Online play will love all those who prefer to choose among the games interesting and high-quality products at the same time.

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