Lords & Knights

Alternative names: Lords & Knights

Lords and knights online - free multiplayer medieval strategy game themes. You can go back to the distant past and establish his empire, which under the right actions will rapidly grow and prosper. At the start, you get thrown into the possession of the city residents due to unsuitable habitat conditions. On lands assigned to you you will find a dried field empty houses and even a gang of wretched-looking soldiers. It all looks pretty depressing - but do not panic! You will not only eventually bring everything in order and build up a mighty warrior army, which also are well trained, and you have put up a proper level urban infrastructure and expand its territory. From your diligence depends whether earn a reputation among the other lords and can it feel real master of the medieval fortress. The future of your empire is in your hands!

Play Lords & Knights as possible in the browser and on smartphones and tablets PCs. System requirements are really minimal. Suitable to be such a platform: iOS 4. 3, ANDROID 2. 2. Most importantly - access to the Internet. The company's projects are always different XYRALITY GmbH accessibility, and lords and knights game was no exception. To proceed to the gameplay you will need to create an account. Lords & Knights registration - is filling a few fields, namely e-mail address and password, as well as the adoption of the rules of use and privacy policy. That's all, the business is literally a minute!

Joined the ranks of the active community of the game world, you'll find yourself reliable allies and fight with enemies worthy. For those who will be lords and knights play a shortage of contenders is felt. After all, many other users are potentially your opponents. As for companions, they should be able to find. You can not trust the first comer, learn to recognize the intentions of those feudal lords, will encounter on your way. Joining the alliance will be able to explore and capture the neighboring lands. But in the race for prey do not forget to monitor their own defensive abilities. Your country is not immune from attack, and who knows who will come to mind to encroach on your good. Incidentally, the use of tactical and strategic opportunities is one of the main factors influencing the victory in the most heated battles. And of course, reliable army. Creating groups, you should take care of that they comprised different units. Because each of them their talents and skills they will be useful in different situations that arise on the battlefield.

What else is needed for the prosperity of the empire, so that sufficient resources. Lords & Knights play - then constantly worry about the extraction of resources and keep stocks under supervision. Lords & Knights game provides an opportunity to use the following resources: wood, stone, ore, copper, silver, gold. Separate category are served. Keep in mind that the residents of the city can help in various ways to grow and develop. So adjutants gladly take on their missions as soon as order them. They can cope brilliantly with lucrative jobs. Well, let's say, to arrange lush festivals in the castle or to organize fairs. It will be useful to instruct scientists develop new technologies. For example, who do not want to have a cool military vehicles? The answer is obvious, so their scientists gather in the library and give them a job. Nothing loafer, let benefit!

It is worth mentioning about the construction of buildings. Total of 13 should be in your castle. Each object its mission. So, Citadel, Arsenal Tavern, Library, Fortifications, Market, Farm, Woodman, Material Wood, Quarry, Material Stone Mine, Ore Warehouse - all are part of your being. Do not forget that the buildings should be improved, if you want them really was a good judge.


Responsibilities of the owner of a medieval fortress, and really a lot you will not have any free moment! But lords and knights play online so interesting that all these concerns will be only pleasant. Want to diversify their leisure time - so what's the problem? Lords and knights check waiting for you. Enjoy fun gameplay!

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