Lost Ark

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Lost Ark Action MMORPG game. The game has excellent graphics and unusually spectacular effects during the battle. The voice acting is excellent, the music is well chosen.

The development of the game lasted for a long 8 years. But despite this, after the release, many believed that the game was no different from other games in this genre. But now, after several years of updates, the game can truly be considered one of the best.

Before you play Lost Ark, create a character, choose a class and give it a name.

There are 20 classes in the game, but they are all divided into several types.

  • Mag
  • Monk
  • Shooter
  • Assassin
  • Creator

When choosing a class, keep in mind that it will not be possible to change it during the game. If it turns out that you mistakenly chose the wrong class, which you would like to play, you will have to start over.

The best way to level up your character is to complete the story campaign. This is a kind of very advanced training, and also interesting. In addition to the plot, there are many additional quests.

Here you will find a huge number of different locations. All of them are located on several continents. Each continent is different from the rest. Everywhere has its own nature, fauna and enemies of which you can meet there. The atmosphere on them is also different, it's like different worlds.

What to do in the game you will find with ease:

  1. You can complete basic or additional tasks.
  2. Collect collections of armor and other items.
  3. Fill in the Seeker's atlas.
  4. There are weekly and daily events here.
  5. Finish and develop your estate if you like this kind of challenge.
  6. Tasks can be single or collective.

Leveling is quite easy at first, this will allow you to quickly catch up with other players if you are a recent player. Further development becomes more difficult.

With the pumping of weapons, everything is similar. At the beginning of the game, you will easily improve it, but then it starts to require much more resources and does not always end well.

Fortunately, if the upgrade fails, the weapon does not deteriorate, but the spent resources cannot be returned.

The combat system is extremely diverse and just hitting all enemies with the same blow will not work here. The number of skills is impressive, in addition, each of the skills can be modified. But that's not all. Special or normal strikes can form combinations. Applying techniques on the battlefield, choose the right combinations to fight with a group of enemies or guardian bosses, this will make the game easier for you.

The game is still not abandoned and receives regular updates, it is felt that the developers like this project. They do their best to make the game interesting for both beginners and veterans.

You don't have to pay for anything here, you will get any armor weapons and materials anyway, it just takes some time. If you want to speed up the process, then it is possible by paying real money. In addition to the obvious purchase, this is how you express your gratitude to the developers.

You can download Lost Ark

for free on PC by clicking on the link on this page. The game is free.

Start playing, a huge fantasy world, many friends and incredible adventures are waiting for you!

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