Lost Magic

Alternative names: Lost Magic online

LostMagic online sends us on a journey through the world of lost wizards, where each of the players fighting for the remains of all the supernatural. LostMagic online game has a unique storyline and spectacular eye pleasing graphics.

But before we get to the game, let's see what we need in order to play it. Minimum requirements that pushed developers corresponds virtually any computer, laptop or tablet.

The main requirements:
- Connecting to the Internet
- Screen resolution of 1024x768 pixels
- Browser with ustanovlenymFlashPlayer.

Register LostMagic not cause problems. To start the game come up with a name - a nickname and start playing. Registration will allow you to make haste LostMagic join hundreds of other players in this unbridled race for the lost shards of magic. Enter your email address you will be offered after you can get acquainted with the game and see whether it suits you.

The plot develops at lightning speed and now you're sitting on the bench, and in a moment you will be offered to fight the terrible monster. Then the game LostMagic Online encourages you to adventure in this full of wonder igrovommire. Now you stoitosmotretsya and understand where you were. You poyavlyayutsya job in sootvetsvtuyuschem menu item, you have a backpack, kudabudut get your trophies and other items that you desired. By the way, after the course of a young soldier LostMagic online game prompts you to improve your skills and enter svoidannye for registration - postal address or an account in one of the social networks (FaceBook, and others). LostMagic registration does not force you to anything, but at any time you can reset your password.

Total in Game 3 skill kotoryeharakterny for a certain kind of characters:
- Power
- Agility
- Endurance

In the game you can choose several options for growth - The Way of the Tiger, and the Way of the Fox Way Elephant. Each scenario has its own strengths weaknesses. Way of the Tiger will give you the ability to use powerful attacks, two-handed weapons. A key feature in the development of this type of warriors is strength. Fox path suitable for quirky and agile warriors. Foxes are able to dodge the opponent and inflict crushing blows to the defense response. Main characteristics - agility. If you like to play a strong and steadfast units, using tactics from "protection", the Elephant Path for you. Main characteristics - endurance.

LostMagic online game that allows you to open up using any of the tactics.
Play onlaynigruLostMagicochen simple - главноеразобратьсякаксражаться and razvivatsvoinavyki. One of the game modes - battle mode - one of the most frequent game situations. Here you'll need to prove your strategic abilities to win.

There are several types of shocks: the usual inflict damage on the enemy in proportion to your skills, quality of weapons and uniforms, critical strikes cause double or multiple damage, and you can defeat the enemy using strokes that cause bleeding wounds.

LostMagic play lets you use transitions to locations can also click on the elements of the terrain. During the initial stage of the game you will always help assistant "Dani", which will teach you. LostMagic online igravypolnena in the spirit of the Middle Ages with inserts unusual elements. For example a bag of things, drawing items. Play LostMagic always possible, even if you netmnogo time, because sometimes for productive work required just such a "game" breaks.

Play LostMagic captivating from the first seconds and off already difficult enough, one after the other appear the following tasks we must now overcome biker about the pub away from his sword to defeat the skeletons around the burial ground, after we will have to fight with real players. The game has a chat, so you can not just spend time, relax and have fun while playing online games LostMagic, but also to communicate with interesting people.

We hope to play the game online LostMagic, you will quite often and enjoy the gameplay.

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