Alternative names: Howrse, horses

Howrse online game in the genre is quite original. Its originality lies in the fact that she was icing a several genres. First - economic strategy. In Howrse for free you have to manage your own equestrian plant, buy, sell horses, to establish contacts with other players to trade and breeding horses. On the other hand - this game is a classic simulator zhyvotnyh life. They just want to eat, walk, and require a lot of attention. You have time to feed them, train and write the competition. There will also be a continuation of the game, the game Howrse 2. But worth a try to start the first version. Play online game Howrse you can anywhere and anytime. To do this, you will only have to register Howrse computer with an Internet connection and a browser installed.


Minimum System Requirements:

  • Processor Speed ​​- 2GHz
  • RAM-1GB
  • Video Card - 128MB


In order to play in the game Howrse for free, you just need to register. Register online at Howrse absolutely free and does not take much of your time.

    1. First you need to choose which horse you'll like: regular horse or pony
    2. Select the breed and color
    3. Login
    4. Read and accept the user agreement

All free game Howrse welcomes you!


At the beginning of the game you are met by a cheerful martyshonok - Hwostik. Let us not forget that we are in the game world Howrse beginners, so a couple of useful tips will not prevent us. Tail will help you grasp the most basic principles of the game. In addition, it will give you a lot of useful skills and gifts.


The first horse that you trust, will be immortal. It is very good, as long as you are not accustomed to responsibility, and can forget to feed it. All these points have been thought by developers in order to make your game the most enjoyable and easy. As if you did not want, you will still not be able to constantly take care of your pet. To do this, you can opt for a faithful companion that will make the company your pet during your absence.


When did you start to play for free Howrse, chose a horse, provided her faithful companion, you will be given as a gift to another horse of the same breed, only the opposite sex. Now you have to start with what you have already mastered, and Tail will leave you, and will help beginners to learn the basics. Now you will become more familiar with the game, understand the basic functions. Do not expect brilliant results immediately. Remember all start somewhere. If you work hard and invest in their pets time and effort, you can be sure the result will not take long. When you reach good results, the fun begins!


When your hands will be sufficient funds, the game will allow you to deduce Howrse pegasi, create your own herd, breed thoroughbred horses and sell them. You'll play Howrse online, which means that it will be possible to enter into a partnership with other players. After 20 days of play, you will discover a unique opportunity. You can open your Equestrian Center. After that, you will not need to rent a stall for their pets, they get their own house. You can take a stall in his complex to other players, and this method to earn. The versatility of the game makes it universal, and everyone can find something in it for themselves. Begin to play Howrse, become a real master of the equestrian center, grow a true champion, and draw them to the top of fame! In Howrse game play will be interesting to both grown and child!




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