Alternative names: Magic, Magick, Magic, magik

Magic online game - a free isometric game made on flash, which is filled with wonderful magic with unexpected surprises and grown humor.

To get into the world of magic, need to register in the game Magic. The procedure is simple and the need to fill the following fields:

• Login

• Password

• Accept the user agreement

Everything on this online registration Magic completed and you can safely start the game!

Online game Magic provides four classes of characters:

• Warrior

• Mag

• Shaman

• Saboteur

In game five races:

• Devolar

• People

• nekromongerov

• Rymru

• Transporters

Classes of races in Magic Online distinguished by the fact that there is a difference in the classroom sets of skills and abilities, and race carry only aesthetic pleasure.

Magic online is rich in the presence of various strange animals, although probably more correct to say beings, as each has its own individual and unusual abilities.

Why are only strange creatures such as Yeshi or Rakkudusy, Medusa and Cherepozavry.

With these creatures need to be very careful!

In this game there are six worlds:

• Plotarium

• Volcano

• Castrum

• Zhikat

• Fashar

• Metropolis

Each world has its own specifics, such Plotarium - it's a small world, the bulk of which is covered by water and only occasionally found islands, among which there is one island, consonant with the name of the Raft, it is the least studied and the largest among others, and on this island race transporter center founded their colony ...

Play the game online Magic interesting, as you will meet many interesting characters that live in these wondrous worlds.

The presence of non-player characters (NPC) in the game, create some intrigue. They can join in the conversation and get them a job, it will be possible with some bargain, but there are those who simply have nothing to say, so they would be very silent.

The game has also an auction where you can make a purchase or to sell their stuff. More information about the auction is painted on the official website of the game.

Game Magic has its chat messaging between players in real time, which provides multiple channels for different tasks:

System - in this channel displays information of a systemic nature, as well as reports of administration of the game;

Overall - a channel for communication of players, the message content can be of any nature, except trade offers;

Commercial - channel for messages on trade proposals;

Group - this channel is used for communication players who are in the same group;

The Clan - a channel for communication consisting of players in one clan;

Private - this channel is used for communication between the two players themselves.

The special features of this game is the fact that online game Magic has a stylish and fun animated graphics, where among many funny characters living in the game world, you can create your own clan house and location.

Just pay attention to the fact that having a tactical turn-based combat-varied, with lots of visual effects, and a wide range of abilities of the character, this game has low technical requirements and the small size of the game client.

Play Magic exciting, because you become part of these wondrous worlds!

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