Magical Earth

Alternative names: Magical Earth

In order to play the game online Magic Earth must have the following system requirements:

·                   Microsoft Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP

·                   Processor Pentium 300 MHz

·                   128 MB RAM

·                   Video Card compatible with DirectX

·                   Internet connection

To play Magic Earth need to register on the website of the game. Register Magical Earth consists of five simple steps and takes only a few minutes

1. You need to specify your gender. You need to choose a powerful magician or a lovely fairy.

2. Enter your name or nickname under which you play.

3. Then come up with a password and enter it twice.

4. Specifies the address of the pigeon - Your e - mail .

5. Enter the number from the image and agree with the Laws of Magic Lands and user agreement.

Earth Magic Online game gives you the opportunity to become

·                   Peaceful healer;

·                   Battle mage;

·                   Alchemist;

·                   Trader;

·                   Robber.

Magical Earth Online Game based on magic. Magic here will be your main skill. Catching peaceful activities - jewelry business or alchemy - or participating in battles, you improve this skill. The more damage done to the enemy in battle, the higher the level of magic. The game has many different titles. The main ones are:

·                   Neophyte;

·                   Possessed;

·                   Dedicated;

·                   Shaman (witch)

·                   Sorcerer;

·                   True magician;

·                   Master;

·                   Priest,

·                   Archmage;

·                   Pure spirit;

·                   Ethereal essence,

·                   God (goddess).

In addition to participating in combat, there are other ways to increase magic: cooking recipes, collecting rocks and plants. Each plant has its own valuable properties

·                   Nepetus - protects against fire magic;

·                   Salvia - accumulates the power of water;

·                   Haoma - absorbs magic cold;

·                   Amanita - has a resistance to the magic of nature;

·                   Range - absorbs any magical energy.

Play the game online Magic Earth is much more interesting because here provided a huge selection of equipment. The game has many different valuable objects:

·                   Weapon,

·                   Hats,

·                   Clothes,

·                   Pants,

·                   Shoes,

·                   Bags;

·                   Runes,

·                   Amulets;

·                   Rings and more.

You will have to choose from a weapon in the game after a huge selection of weapons for every taste:

·                   Staves;

·                   Whip;

·                   Wands;

·                   Swords;

·                   Axes;

·                   Boards;

·                   Bows.

Also in the game there are many spells to attack and defense. They are divided into two groups: combat and non-combat. Martial include:

·                   Attack and defense with fire

·                   Attack and defense with blood

·                   Attack and protection of water;

·                   Attack and defense chaos;

·                   Attack and defense cold;

·                   Mental magic;

·                   Magic time;

·                   Not elemental magic and more.


·                   Attentions;

·                   Spell mercenary;

·                   Movement,

·                   Warlock curse;

·                   Calls.

In Earth Magic to play like everyone. This game has the opportunity to purchase their own land. You will be able to build on their land various buildings

·                   Towers;

·                   Barns;

·                   Outposts;

·                   Guard and watchtowers;

·                   Wells;

·                   Repository,

·                   Shops;

·                   Commercial tents.

Magical Earth registration - a step that will help you to plunge into the magical world of magic. Several centuries ago, the elements of chaos, bursting out of the ground, broke the world into pieces. A once beautiful corner of the world, this place turned into chaos. Now it is a continent that is surrounded by an impenetrable veil; rivers that flow from nowhere to nowhere and flow. And the people who are separated from their loved ones were on the other side of the continent, on the other side of the invisible barrier.

Right in the center of the continent huge abscess. This place called Wasteland - the magic land. This land imbued with magic. There are no metal, no iron swords and bronze armor. In the magic land lived a small group of people who are trying to learn how to care treatment with the world of magic. And you have to be one of those who are trying to learn to live in the stormy ocean of magic.

Magical Earth online game will bring you lots of positive emotions. There is no inequality - anyone can become what he wants. Everything is in your hands!

Join in the game Magic Earth - Your chance to prove themselves, to show all their skill and courage. Learn magic and help restore its former peace and happiness in these places. Earth Magic online waiting for you!

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