Magicka Magicka Collection

Alternative names: Magicka Magicka Collection

Processor: Pentium 4/Athlon XP 2. 4 GHz


Video Card: GeForce 8800/Radeon X1900

Disk Space: 2 GB



Magicka Collection - a complete collection of all parts of the popular computer game in the style of action-adventure. The game's plot is based on Norse mythology, where you can meet and militant gods and mythical monsters and a lot of everything else. Magicka narrative about the struggle being four mages who are in one of the ancient orders, struggling with a powerful dark wizard Grimnikom and his hordes of evil creatures. During the confrontation Four magicians know that myself Grimnik just a puppet in the hands of an ancient demon Assatura, which for centuries has been fighting against the human race and is going to destroy completely Midgard. Astute gamers will often stumble on links to other game projects, and even movies. So here will be easy to find jokes on subjects Warhammer or Diablo, World of Warcraft or Dungeon Keeper, so do not just vstretyatsya mention of Star Wars adventures or Monty Python.




Adventure game Magicka Arcana formed isometric graph, where the player will be one of the four great wizards opposing Grimniku dark magician and his even more vicious demon Assaturu patron. Single play campaign consists of 13 interconnected missions, some of them will give you the opportunity to lead by several characters. Game Magicka has no clear division between the player classes and each of their heroes has in its arsenal magical staff for creating a huge number of spells, as this item will be indispensable in the melee. Furthermore Magica allow use as a melee weapon and the famous sword Excalibur, enclosed by all the canons of the genre in stone. Most interesting is that Magicka you will not retrieve the sword of "packaging" and start using it as a powerful hammer. In this game the authors did not stop and added another handshaking times - M60 machine gun, which the hero can get out of hand the grateful villagers for saving their native village.




Game Magicka, a game system rather wrapped around a plurality of base magical elements. These elements Magica abound, here we will find earth, fire, water, cold, life, as well as electricity, lasso, and even shield. Game Magicka uses the last element is not even as an equal part of the game world, but rather as part of protective spells, turning it into a kind of barrier, along the arc of the protagonist shingles. In any part of the Magicka Collection will come and go different spells using the basic elements and their combination will produce amazing results.

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