Magic World 2

Alternative names: Magic World 2

AND gras Magic World 2 - an exciting multiplayer game from the company Shanda Games. Players expect a dangerous and exciting world of battles, where everyone can express themselves with the best hand and show his worth in battle.

Before the game, check that the computer's settings and system requirements of the game. Mw2 online game which has the following minimum system requirements:

- Operating system: Win dows XP/Vista/7;

- Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo;

- 1 GB RAM

- Video: Nvidia GeForce 7600 128 MB

- 5 GB of free hard disk space;

- Connecting to the Internet.

The next procedure is necessary mw2 online registration . This procedure takes place directly on the site of the game and only takes a few minutes. Selecting the check mw2 , enter the following:

- E-mail,

- Password;

- As well as the need to read and agree to the terms of this agreement.

Next, you need to download the game client. It can be found directly on the site, and selecting "Download" to start downloading. Once the file is downloaded, simply run it and follow the prompts on. At this registration in the game mw2 ends and you're ready to play.

In mw2 play is possible for the following classes: Warrior, Druid Mage Archer and Fighter . Each class has its advantages and disadvantages compared to the other, so play mw2 necessary for the character that best fits the personal tactics of warfare player.

Warrior - a character who is good in both attack and defense. Due to this, it can be used in all kinds of battles. With powerful armor and helmet, he is very well protected, and enemies is not easy to beat him. Warrior weapons are a sword and mace, and with his skill in martial arts and the ability to wield weapons make him a formidable opponent.

Archer - is a race of elves, has incredible longevity and agility. Due to this they possess skills that are not available to ordinary people. The main weapon is a bow arrow, with which he can hit the enemy from a distance. It predlezhit arrows most of the books on the history of the continent, as they are good minstrels.

Mage - is a character that can subdue the elements and the minds of other characters. His spiritual development to be on top of the possible, so that in battle, he is incredibly strong. As a weapon magician uses magic stick and magic sphere. The only drawback is the magician melee, where it is inferior to other classes.

Druid - representative of an ancient race which has long lived in the woods, and lived there until now, if they did not disturb the demons. And grata in online game mw2 for druids - it means to be under the tutelage of the forces of nature, which helps druids destroy their enemies and defend against them. Their weapons in battle - this battle disc and whip.

Unit - a special class in the game, the advantage of which is the melee, in which he has no equal in the world. It was once a peaceful race, which was not interested in war, but dangerous world forced them to learn martial arts. After years of training they have reached the peak of excellence in the melee, and now everyone who comes to them in the near distance pleasant enough. In battle, they use blunt and Handguards.

AND gras mw2 is an excellent representative of the multiplayer game, the quality of graphics that are on the highest level. Convenient and easy in the game is also the interface. Thus, to play the game online mw2 is not only interesting, but also convenient.

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