Magnum Quest

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Magnum Quest is a typical representative of idlerpg. The graphics in the game are excellent, good detail, the picture looks very nice. In the game, you will develop and form your squad of fighters for battles in the fantasy world.

Before playing Magnum Quest, give yourself a name and choose an avatar. In the game you will find a lot of interesting things. Battles with insidious enemies, as well as with units of other players. Extraction of various artifacts in the dungeons. Raids for resources and boss fights.

You will have a squad of 5 heroes at your disposal, you decide what type of heroes to add to your squad. Each hero belongs to a specific faction.

There are six factions in the game.

  • Fortress.
  • Beasts.
  • Forest.
  • Shadow.
  • Light.
  • Darkness.

During the battle, you will see faction bonuses in the upper left corner. When all the heroes in the squad belong to the same faction, there will be more bonuses. Heroes can develop in three ways. The first is to level up one of the four abilities unique to each character. The second level up of the character itself, it gives an increase in characteristics. And the third one, which gives the most tangible increase, is the increase in the character's class.

All heroes in the game are divided into silver or gold class. By combining several silver class hero cards, you can get a gold hero with one star, the number of class stars increases in the same way.

Each of the heroes has inventory slots. Inventory can also level up as it is upgraded.

Characters in the game are summoned. The call is of four types.

  1. For cards, for this you need to collect a certain number of hero cards. If there are not enough cards, you can pay for the missing ones with crystals.
  2. For friendship badges.
  3. And the call from the faction, the proposed heroes in this case are updated every 24 hours.
  4. For summoning dice.

There are quick rewards in the game, you get one such reward every day for free, you need to pay crystals for the next ones.

Complete contracts, completing them will earn you summon cubes. For gold cubes you can summon gold heroes, for silver cubes you can summon silver ones.

Missions will bring gold and spheres for pumping joy. They can be related to the story campaign, be daily or weekly.

In addition, there are also raids, divided into several stages. In raids, you need to think about every action. to. some actions may have unpredictable consequences. For example, you can approach a treasure chest, but it will turn out to be a trap and you will have to fight with a strong or not so strong opponent. After winning such battles, you choose one of three cards with useful properties.

As you can understand, there are many tasks in the game for every taste. Everyone will be able to choose what he likes the most.

Magnum Quest free download on android You can if you follow the link on this page!

Create your own team of fearless warriors and win victories by developing fighters! Start playing now!

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