Manor Lords

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Manor Lords is a very realistic real time strategy game. Graphics in the game at the level of the best representatives of this genre. The voice acting is done with high quality, the music is tastefully chosen and does not tire over time.

Traditionally, at the beginning of the game, you will be shown how to interact with the interface during a short tutorial. Next, you will need to independently build a strategy that will lead to the success of your small settlement.

Being a medieval lord is not as easy as it might seem. Especially if you want to become a good ruler for the people under you. During the game, you will get the opportunity to verify this.

The action described here takes place in the 14th century AD in an area called Franconia.

Given just a few wagons full of settlers under your command, you need to try to found a small village, and then develop it to the size of a town large enough for those times.

You will have to control several areas of the settlement's life at once:

  • Explore the surrounding lands for resources
  • Get enough stone, wood and food to keep your village growing
  • Find fertile land suitable for farming and sow the fields
  • Learn new technologies, this will allow you to develop production
  • Set up barracks and training camps to train warriors

As it is easy to understand from this list, it will be very difficult to keep track of everything, but over time, it will be possible to automate some processes.

The developers tried to make the game world and the life of the inhabitants as close as possible to the real life of people in those days. When the settlement is built, a market will be located on the central square, which was then in the order of things. Residential and craft streets diverge from it in all directions. Arrange the buildings however you like without being tied to the grid of the playing field, rotate them as you like according to your idea of how the streets should look like.

Learn new crafts, there are a lot of them from blacksmithing to beekeeping. Everything produced in a settlement can be sold for a profit.

The more successful your town becomes, the more willing will appear to take it all away by force. Take care of protection. Peasants armed with pitchforks and scythes do not fight very effectively. To form a military squad, build barracks and training camps where young men suitable for military affairs can be trained.

Battles take place in real time. The combat system is not too complicated, it's more of an economic strategy than a military one. But it so happened that in those days it was impossible to do without military affairs at all because of the frequent warriors and gangs of robbers.

The game has a change of seasons. Playing Manor Lords in winter is not easy, especially if your city was involved in a battle the day before and suffered heavy losses. It is better to start preparing for winter in advance, otherwise it will be difficult to survive it without loss.

Manor Lords download for free on PC, it will not work, unfortunately. The game can be purchased on the Steam platform or on the official website of the developer.

If you want to become a medieval lord in an extremely realistic simulation for the duration of the game, install the game right now!

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