March of the Empires: War of the Kings

Alternative names: March of Empires: War of Lords

Community with the game March of the Empires: War of the Kings.

Gameloft presents to your court Marsh Empire: War of Kings is a mobile game in which you can play for hours. This is a multi-player strategy, which already in the title sets the tone. If you are familiar with this genre, you will easily understand what to do:

Marsh of Empires: War of the Kings is downloadable for free, and if you want to speed up the process of pumping or get a rare artifact, there is paid content.

  • Choose the fraction
  • Select numerous armies
  • Train the army
  • Enable into alliances
  • Having resources
  • Developing the economy
  • Construction and improvement of buildings
  • Participating in missions and campaigns
  • Also, in addition to the mobile version, you can download the March of the Empires: War of the Kings on the computer, and then the battles on the big screen will look even more impressive, and the settlement will appear in all details.

    On the main choice.

    Players are invited to determine one of the fractions:

    • Kings from high mountains
    • Kings from the North
    • Sult of sand deserts

    Actually, every representative though has some differences due to the terrain, but they are not so radical to be really important. Choose the one who liked the best, because success depends on your further actions. And yet, let us mention the features that each monarch possesses.

    Koroli are clad in steel armor and masterfully master the sword. Bonus they are 5% faster during marches and the quicker the rest build the building. Their units are knights of the Teutonic Order. Northern Kings are excellent riders, and 10% ahead of the rest in training. Their units are quite useful boyars. Sultans are consummate masters of the spear. Their advantage can be considered that they have a 5% more troops, which is important for the further increase in numbers and during battles. Also, their factions are 10% faster in research, giving a significant advantage over their rivals. Their units are insidious assassins.

    However, the game Marsh Empires: The War of the Kings allows us at first to test ourselves in the role of each representative in order to make the final choice.

    Other features of the game.

    Players need to constantly keep their hands on the pulse, developing evenly all directions. March of the Empires: War of the Kings, the game has everything necessary for harmonious progress, the main thing is not to make mistakes.

    Very important to be active in everything. Particularly helps to join the alliance with other players. But to become part of the group is not enough, it is necessary to be useful to it actively respond to the call for help, share resources and knowledge. Only in this case, when you need help, the call to respond is much faster and more willingly. If you develop an army, do it competently. Do not focus on the maximum increase in attack, leaving a weak defensive part.

    Do not forget to improve the buildings, because with each new level they will work more efficiently. While extracting resources, do not try to devastate mines and forests more likely or complete all the quests. If suddenly your village is attacked and looted, storerooms full of supplies will also be devastated. It will be much easier to restore the loss if active tasks remain. Pay attention to your hero, giving him useful abilities. Do not try to cover everything at once, it's better to focus on more specific talents that will be useful for clearly defined tasks.

    Game March of Empires: War of Lords offers a rich selection of opportunities. Although it can not be said that the directions are radically different from the games of this genre, they are undoubtedly endowed with an individual approach.

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