Marsaction: Infinite Ambition

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Marsaction Infinite Ambition space strategy for mobile devices. Excellent quality graphics will please the players. The musical compositions are well chosen, the voice acting is of high quality. In the game you have to manage a space base located on Mars.

There is a rather interesting plot.

The action takes place in the distant future. Mars has been colonized by humans. During colonization, this planet turned out to be already inhabited. Friendly insectoids live on it, to which humanity has given the name Swarm.

For many years everything was fine, and then this race of insects had a mutation that made them incredibly aggressive. The existence of settlers on Mars is threatened. You have to help the colonists survive, and besides this, you need to find out what caused such a mutation in creatures that were previously friendly to people.

When you start playing Marsaction Infinite Ambition, you will be in control of a small base with surviving colonists.

Before making fateful decisions, you will need to undergo a little training. As in many other games, it is important to learn how to interact with the game interface.

After that, get down to business, do not waste time, because you will find quite a few difficulties.

  • Explore the territory of the planet
  • Get the resources you need to expand your base and craft vehicles and weapons
  • Find surviving human settlements and evacuate survivors, but beware of aggressive local fauna
  • Develop technologies and upgrade production buildings
  • Create a strong army and equip it with the most advanced weapons
  • Destroy the members of the swarm and try to discover the nature of their incredible cruelty

It will be difficult to manage to study and plan everything. But it is the need to think about each subsequent step that makes the game so interesting. We need a constant balance in everything. You can not spend too many resources on expanding the base at the risk of leaving it defenseless. But it’s also impossible to spend everything on the army, it may turn out that there are not enough resources to maintain such a large number of troops. Try to gradually develop all areas of activity.

Recruit incoming troops to the spaceport and assemble a squad of talented warriors. Each commander has his own unique skills that apply to the entire group of warriors under his leadership.

On a planet that has become hostile, you can meet enemies so strong that you can't handle it alone. But don't despair, you can meet other players around the world and form an alliance. This will help both to develop faster for all its participants, and to strengthen each other's troops during battles.

The in-game store allows you to buy missing resources, unique artifacts and heroes for in-game currency or real money. The range is periodically updated and there are very generous discounts.

You can download

Marsaction Infinite Ambition for free on Android by clicking on the link on this page.

Install the game right now, save the colonists trapped in a death trap!

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