Marvel Strike Force

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Marvel Strike Force is an MMORPG from the universe of superheroes known to all players. As always, the games of this developer have high-level graphics, voice acting by professional actors, and music that will not leave anyone indifferent.

At the beginning of the game, only a couple of characters will make up your team. As you progress through the campaign, you can get a lot more under your leadership. But don't forget to train, equip and level up those who are already fighting evil in your squad.

In the game you will meet the following characters:

  • Loki
  • Spiderman
  • Captain America
  • Iron Man

And many more, even the incredible Hulk and Superman.

But you can't do without the villains, some of which will be quite difficult to defeat.

Characters come in various classes, from simple to legendary. The class of each character can be upgraded if you find enough cards to do so.

As he rises in class, his strength increases significantly and even new abilities are unlocked. Each fighter has their own unique skills. You probably already know what each of the superheroes can do.

Team composition matters. Properly selected superheroes or supervillains will be able to withstand almost any opponent. Experiment by discovering the strengths of each character and how they will work in combination with other fighters.

Naturally, the fate of the whole world will be on the scales, so think carefully about your actions, a lot depends on them.

The combat system is not complicated, you decide when and which of your heroes uses special skills. These skills take time to recharge, so it's important to use them at the right moment, and then you have to wait.

Fight against AI or other players around the world using internet technology.

Daily, weekly and monthly rewards are provided that will not let you forget about the game for a single day. If some of the days you can not pay much attention to the game, do not worry. In order to receive your gifts, just drop by for a couple of minutes and check what your invincible team is doing.

On public holidays, during seasonal holidays and sports competitions, developers often hold events dedicated to these events. There are many exclusive prizes and rare costumes for your heroes on such days. Play Marvel Strike Force thanks to this you will never get bored.

In addition, updates are often released, new heroes, costumes and equipment items appear.

There is an in-game store with a regularly updated assortment. It is possible to make purchases for in-game currency or for real money. Basically, these are various decorations and changes that affect the appearance of the heroes, but some of the purchases can make the game a little easier for you. Check out the store more often.

You can download

Marvel Strike Force for free on Android right from here using the link on this page.

If you like characters from the Marvel universe and want to meet all of them, the game will give you such an opportunity! Install it and start playing right now!

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