Marvel Heroes

Alternative names: Marvel Heroes
Great choice! Marvel Heroes game will provide you with an explosion of emotions. Marvel Heroes game - free multiplayer RPG. Its plot is defending Good and his supporters. Comprehending the sacrament and mystery of the universe Marvel, we are imbued with her sympathy and love. In our desire to preserve its infancy unique, protected from the machinations of enemies and enemies. One of them - Dr. Duma. Our prime objective - to prevent the realization of his evil plans. Scary to think, in their perfidy, he is going to use the Cosmic Cube! Wage an irreconcilable struggle with Dr. Duma can be one on one, or cooperate with friends. Play Marvel Heroes, then briskly move through locations, killing hordes of monsters, be ready to fight with the bosses, to the capture of instances. Difficult to force the enemy to flight. The enemy is so strong contender that completely neutralize him there is no way you can hit only in certain areas and in enclosed areas! This accounts for an instant there are continuing battles. So positive superheroes tirelessly fight with evil incarnate - with Dr. Duma. All players are divided into 3 fractions. Moreover, the selection is made after the quest for one of the three main characters bases where there portals in PvP-zone. Initially, you can choose - so to say "free" - one of the five starting heroes. But other characters can get through gameplay or buying for real money - for the currency «G». Marvel Heroes Online offers make a choice among the following characters. Start character - Daredevil. Matt intellectually gifted, has a high IQ, a skilled strategist, authoritative expert in various fields, in particular: spying, disguise, medicine, detective investigations. So, his ability to find the inconspicuous evidence using analytical mind to reveal the most intricate offense, thanks to their superhuman senses to track down the object, use psychic abilities when it detects the subject. Another - no less intriguing starting character - Kate (Hawkeye). Is in good shape, spotlessly owns onions. The girl - a great martial arts expert, studied self-defense techniques, jiu-jitsu and other types of melee, has boxed skillfully. It is recognized as an expert in fencing swords in battle. At such and such a temperament and strive Kate can charm playing the cello! Is called other names starting characters: Storm, Scarlet Witch, Wanda. Their abilities as are outstanding, the possibilities are endless, the characters are hyperactive. In other words: in the Marvel Heroes play excellent means to spend their leisure. Marvel Heroes online game registration with offers to include the following information: your email address, specify your username, enter the password twice and confirm your acquaintance with user agreement. All elementary and possible. Marvel Heroes registration is very simple, step by step procedure is clear.
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