Marvel Super Hero Squad

Alternative names: Marvel Super Hero Squad, Marvel superhero team

Marvel Super Hero Squad - heroic browser game. Creators of the game company Gazillion Entertainment. The game is designed for the young (child) generation. The company tried to create a cozy nook for lovers of comics and fantsticheskih heroes, and has approached this case with humor.

Earth is in danger! Can come to the rescue team of super heroes. Which, by the way, you are creating. The game is played all familiar with super heroes. Characters in the game about twenty, and they are all comic book heroes Marvel. Play Marvel Super Hero Squad is to have success.

Game Marvel Super Hero Squad offers before you pay attention to the system requirements, and it is simple:

• the computer's average parameters;

• connection to the Internet.

Like you can move on to the process of the game, but it was not there. Marvel Super Hero Squad registration stands in the way. Now you just have to go step by step and correct data registration stages:

• visit the official game Sailly;

• select "start";

• specify the date, month and year of your birth;

• select your gender (male or female)

• enter your user name, make sure it is at least six characters long;

• Use a password at least eight characters

• Repeat invented before password;

• agree, that is putting a tick, the rules and policies of confidentiality

• enter the address of your current e-mail address;

• once again select "next".

And you super hero. Your main goal in the game Marvel Super Hero Squad online is to build a super team and the heroic defense of your universe from the villains and bad characters. And all throughout the game will be for you to smaller tasks for which performance will be awarded experience points. In one of the regimes in the adventure you can play six storylines. In battle mode, you can just compete against other heroes, forgetting about the basic tasks.

In Marvel Super Hero Squad, you can play as a good character, and be a villain. Good characters of the brightest of them such as: Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Wolverine, Iron Man, Silver Surfer, Falcon, Spider-Man and many others. And while each of them has its own unique features.

In Marvel Super Hero Squad can be identified such features:

1) you can even fight in four;

2) Demonstrate the art of battle, depending on the terrain of battle;

3) Participate in duels;

4) it is possible to get access to the secondary characters and costumes;

5) You can fight in a team

6) with the discovery of fractals Infinity endow his hero super powers;

7) There are additional scenarios;

8) will experience an unforgettable adventure story in six companies.


Game Marvel Super Hero Squad allows you to play for free. Allows the opportunity to feel colorful world of comic books. Can see all the comic book characters. Graphics play a little comic in cartoon style. Why she assumes circle younger fans. Super heroes are waiting for you!

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