Mass Effect Legendary Edition

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition reissue of the famous trilogy of games from the Mass Effect universe. All three parts have received changes, but this is most noticeable in the first part, because basically it is worth considering it. For the duration of the game, you will be engaged in saving the galaxy from hordes of enemies at the head of a small detachment led by a fearless warrior John Shepard.

The game starts with the character editor, where you choose the gender and appearance of the main character. For the first part, this is an innovation; before the re-release, this was not possible.

The graphics have been greatly improved, it has become much more pleasant to play, but the picture quality is still not up to modern games. The gameplay has been improved, it has become more like the third part. The aiming system has become easier.

There are fewer changes in the second part, but they are. Weapons do not overheat so quickly and this allows you to play with more comfort. Now you do not need to shoot the magazine from an automatic rifle and immediately rush to the shelter. The gameplay has remained almost unchanged, but many consider the second part to be the best. This is probably why the developers tried not to make significant changes.

The third part has become more difficult. The game is more interesting at the maximum difficulty level. In addition, now there are even more tasks and missions, which will allow you to stay longer in the final part of the trilogy.

Otherwise, it's the same cycle of games. You will need to deal with the Geth, Collectors and Reapers with Leviathans, saving not only humanity, but also all species that inhabit the game's universe.

Races in the game quite a lot:

  • Azari
  • Hairs
  • People
  • Salarians
  • Turians
  • Hanars
  • Elcors
  • Krogans
  • Quarians
  • Vorka
  • yagi

And this is not even a complete list of all the inhabitants of the game world. The fantasy of the developers played out in earnest. Not all of the races are humanoid, there are even intelligent jellyfish.

The plot of the game is good, the game is addictive. The decisions you make can affect later parts of the game.

The combat system in the game is interesting. There are several types of weapons.

  1. Pistols
  2. Assault Rifles
  3. Shotguns
  4. Sniper Rifles
  5. Grenades
  6. Kinetic, mental attacks

All weapons can be upgraded. In addition, different instances may have distinctive features. For example, there are pistols that shoot bursts, which are most effective up close, or vice versa, dealing more damage at a distance, but having a slower rate of fire. Same with other types of weapons.

Ammunition is different. Allows you to pierce armor or deal additional damage with fire and even electricity, which is especially effective against robots.

When you level up, you can choose which abilities to develop.

All members of the squad have their own talents, someone is better at hacking computers, someone is stronger in close combat, and someone is at range. You can also improve their talents as you level up.

In battle, you can give commands to your squad and choose the most convenient positions for them.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition download for free on PC, unfortunately, will not work. You can purchase this edition on the Steam portal or on the official website.

If you somehow missed this cycle of games, then this edition is the best option to play the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. All major flaws have been fixed and much improved! Start playing right now, this incredibly exciting story is waiting for you!

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