Master of the Winds

Alternative names: Master of Winds

MasteroftheWindsOnline - a free multiplayer online game, free of charge, made in the favorite of many players have the fantasy genre. Online game MasteroftheWinds notable not only for their belonging to this genre. It is worth noting her identity, because to keep it on the market today is very difficult game products.

RegistratsiyavigreMasteroftheWinds very simple and does not take much of your time. To begin, you will need to come up with a game name under which will be signed in the game, and then specify a password to access your account and e-mail address to which you will be notified that the registration MasteroftheWinds completed.
MasteroftheWinds online game, which already has all the standard familiar to many fantasy races - humans, orcs, goblins, dwarves, elves and trolls. Developers decided not to philosophize slyly and use already beloved by many characters.

Most liberated of all races are the people - the most flexible, adaptable and noble characters belong to a tribe of people exactly. It is interesting that each race has its own unique language spoken by its representatives, although universal dialect with which communication occurs between races, is also present. Because of this, play MasteroftheWinds becomes much more interesting.
In the game there are enough large number of professions that can be roughly divided into combat and non-combat. Early in the game you can choose one of the three primary classes, which will determine your character's development branch: rookie - combat class everyman - the choice of those who prefer a fierce battle path merchant and student magician - the base class for all who dream comprehend all the mysteries of magic and wisdom.

Each character has a basic set of features that in the course of development can be improved: agility, strength, intelligence, endurance, charm and wisdom. Also in the game there are different kinds of magic, such as the magic of water, fire, air, earth, good and evil, as well as such unique kinds of magic, like magic body and spirit magic.

If you are tired of endless battles and warlike lifestyle does not appeal to you - is starting to play the game MasteroftheWinds online, you can always choose the path of peace, engage in research of new lands, the study of strange languages, a variety of prey resources and the creation of unique items . This path can be an excellent source of additional funding and expertise, but do not forget that the storyline in this game requires you to greater resolve and willingness to fight to protect their dignity and for the sake of fighting for a just cause. In MasteroftheWinds play will be interesting to all lovers of intricate and epic stories.

If there is already talk about the story, the situation was like this.
Son Elven god Loteriana, Alkabadur decided that also has the right to create beings who believed their children. But his thoughts were black and magic - weak, and thus magical world filled hordes of terrible creatures. Alka-Badur been hounded out the supreme council of the gods and found refuge in the inaccessible mountains, where he continued to experiment with dark magic.

The climax of his experiments was the race is exactly the opposite elven tribe - Orcs daunting and impresses with its ugliness. So evil, slowly but surely, and triumphed after a while the old way of the world fallen. This means that now everyone can become a god. And war broke out.

Play the game online MasteroftheWinds would be nice also because of the quality designer décor. Graphics in the game pleasantly pleased with their authenticity and originality. All been drawn in very soundly and clear questions about what a strange thing hiding under the name "tree" the user does not arise.

In general, igraMasteroftheWinds online only leaves a pleasant experience, and not only because it is a worthy successor of the traditions of the fantasy genre, not because it has a good storyline, a dynamic community of players, not because developers are making every effort to that their product is developed and has always been at a decent level. Not this one. And because this game has a "twist" - a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, which has to ensure that the stay in the game longer. And believe me, you do this, you will not regret it one bit.
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