Alternative names: Mechrage

The realities of the planet after a nuclear explosion, the dominance of artificial intelligence, brutal confrontation colonizers in the fight for every square meter and battle giant robots - MechRage online world was created for those who have a passion for science fiction and cyberpunk style. Online browser game MechRage - is a massively multiplayer strategy in the first person, in which you stand mighty Mech robot and will create your own colony, to protect her and to win new territory.

To play the game MechRage fit almost any computer with the operating system Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista x32/Seven, Processor Intel Pentium III 800 MHz or better, 256 Mb of RAM and a graphics card at least 64 Mb. To play you except connect to the Internet you will need a browser plugin installed Adobe Flash Player version is not below 10. 0. You can use Internet Explorer to choose at least version 8. 0, FireFox is not below 6. 0 version, Google Chrome or Opera.

Join in the game MechRage available in several ways:

  • Authorization using Looki-account
  • Use his account in Facebook for registration
  • For registered users Google

If none of the methods does not suit you, then go through the standard procedure (registration MechRage) on ofsayte game.

MechRage online registration at this stage is over.

MechRage online game does not have the character selection procedure, but simply assigns you Furs, which will become an extension of your in this cyberpunk reality.

Furthermore, MechRage online game in which there is no division into factions, as such, and a system of ranks rather conventional.

There are only specialization - depending on the prevalence of specific tactical actions of the robot, it can be

  • Warrior
  • Destroyer
  • Spy
  • Shooter
  • Guard
  • Tank
  • Explosive
  • Transporter

If we talk about personal achievements of your hero robot, it would be nice to rise to the rank of military commander - the most notable game rank. With this status your hero will be more opportunities in the game. You can take part in the demonstration battles that will earn more and accumulate points and experience.

Arsenal warlord fur is pretty good:

  • Flamethrowers
  • Laser gun with a shield
  • Rocket

Well, of course, play MechRage would be difficult without her army of robots. Placing it safely enter into large-scale battles and win new territories to expand their colony. You can also join one of the alliances and colonial war with a stronger opponent. Another important factor for Fur and military reputation - for example, if you look for easy prey and attack a weak opponent, lose respect for allies. In short, if you play in MechRage active, dignified and by the rules, you can make a decent military career.

But those to whom it is not particularly important, can play the game online MechRage in the other direction and fully express themselves in solving strategic tasks. Especially on the game - to build a base and develop the infrastructure - a top priority for your hero. To build your own database, you need to start assembly shop, which will create working robots. When a sufficient number of them, then proceed to the construction of other facilities. Mined building resources such as gold, silicon and titanium, the search engine spiders. You can also equip a mining shaft and extract resources from there.

One player is allowed to build up to five databases. Each of them should be his destiny - the base for offensive operations, defensive, or universal (it depends on what type of building will be built on its territory). With the necessary resources, you can build a database of all types that will significantly strengthen your position in the game.

From all the above, we can conclude that play the game online MechRage will be equally exciting as fans strategies, and those who are interested in arcade war cosmic character. Well, you soundly and balanced game!

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