Alternative names: BELLOWS. Land

BELLOWS. Land online game - MMORPG game postapokapsticheskaya customer fantastic themes. This unique combination of incredible events with a touch of fantasy and astounding technologies of the future. BELLOWS. Land registration will take you into the future where your own eyes can observe what is happening in the world, which is so altered nuclear war. The disaster drove people into the vastness of space and led to mutations beings who remained on the planet. Insects and animals turned into dangerous monsters and mutants nicknamed moles due to living underground, and does brutalized. People returning after many years on Earth, will have to fight against all this evil. Necessary to destroy the bloodthirsty creatures norovyaschih attack in the most unexpected moment. Mankind took for building databases and establishing protective measures for the purpose of obtaining parts for shelter from the dangers of all kinds. And when it comes to the need to leave the shelter and go out into the open, we have to use huge furs. Indeed, in the earth's atmosphere, even the air is poisoned! So that those who will play in the BELLOWS. Earth will have to learn to adjust and adapt to different conditions.

So that you can download the game without problems BELLOWS. Earth, make sure your computer meets the following list of required parameters:

- Operating system Windows XP / Vista / 7;

- Processor 1000 MHz

- 64 MB video card with support for OpenGL 1. 2;

- 256 MB of RAM.

Date BELLOWS in the game. Earth passes in the client. You need to enter your login and password, and come up with a nickname. Also confirm compliance with the rules of the game. That's all, now there is no obstacle on the way to a thrilling adventure!

Play game BELLOWS. You will land on the side of one of the existing nations. Are only three

1. Opara was once used to refer to soldiers in the hottest point of hostilities. Besides prisoners from other nations also sent here. You can only imagine such a contingent! But for some time became an independent nation and currently leads its policy.

2. Krada very detached nation. It is composed of independent pilots who, in principle, another life does not represent.

3. Requires - a nation where order reigns, and residents anxiously bow before the law. Pilots and scholars of this nation love justice and are willing to sacrifice, if only she reign forever.

Each nation has its own city, in which there are all the necessary facilities. Here is a list of buildings, which may be exercised inhabitants: fur shop, shop equipment, warehouse, research station, plant modifications bellows, repair stations, factory equipment, factory skills. Each location is for certain game functions.

Players have the status, which is determined by the actions that are carried out in relation to other characters. You can have the status of a neutral, mercenary or rebel. But whoever you are and which side would not fight, you need to care about their own development. You have to pump the main characteristics - ability (the ability to own a gun, use protection, and so ) As well as additional information, called skill. Skills are divided into categories such as Sniper, production, specialist trade.

To BELLOWS. Land was comfortable to play, you need to take care of the well-armed and other useful equipment. Arsenal of weapons in the game is impressive. Here there are guns and cannons, and phasers, and granotomety, and lasers and energy weapons and other deadly things. In addition you must purchase ammunition, which include shells, cartridges, plasma, rocket charges phaser parts. As for the rest of the equipment available in the game drives, reactors (power equipment), chips (additional units, allowing to raise some of the characteristics of the character), repair kits, shockers, teleportatory stationary extracting modules (modules used) and additional modules for miners and transports. Well, of course, the main gameplay element - robots, nicknamed furs. They are fighters, reconnaissance, transport, getters. As can be seen from the names themselves, the robots perform various functions.

Game BELLOWS. Land prepared lots of interesting quests. Assignments are learning type, and those that require killing monsters or collecting loot. Monsters themselves a huge amount here. This beetles and slugs, and spiders and worms and bears and horseflies and other filth. By the same loot, for example, refers Venom Sac Spider, Scorpion Pincer, Mustache Mantis, Worm segment, Crystal Green, Magma container and more. All that one can get when performing tasks that can be stored in the hold. It is worth mentioning that the hold of fear that it promotes safety items.

The game has everything for the successful promotion to the top, the main thing - not lazy efforts. Join the virtual world and show everyone your talents! May you always smiling luck!

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